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First Giveaway!

Congrats to Abi for reaching 250 followers!


So I’ve been blogging since January and I’m so happy to announce that as of last week I now have 250 followers! To me this is such an achievement and I really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t think I would get so many followers so quickly, its been a lot of work – but reading your comments everyday makes it more than worth it – and I cant believe how much fun it all is haha! I can’t tell you how much all of your support has meant to me and I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you. As a little way of saying thank you and to celebrate I’m doing a little giveaway. Its not huge since I’m a student and I don’t have a massive budget but I hope whoever wins really enjoys…

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Benefit Cosmetics Giveaway!

This is a fantabulous giveaway from Living Disrobed that I think everyone should enter! Plus it’s international, yaaaay!! I think if I won, I would loooove to try out one of Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows! Good luck everyone!

Living Disrobed

Benefit Cosmetic Giveaway

I just wanted to thank all of my readers for their wonderful support by offering this amazing Benefit Cosmetics Giveaway! (Easy Entry, No Rafflecopter)

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Yesterday’s #FOTD

Going shopping and to the cinema yesterday gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette:



I wanted to keep things quite natural so the eyeshadow colours I used were:

White chocolate

Milk chocolate



Creme brûlée 
I used the last two along my lash line, too.  I also wore Wildly Natural’s powder foundation in Fair and Benefit’s Roller Lash on my lashes. My lips are nude with just a little of Sweet Cecily’s lip balm in Banoffee Pie.

Feeling a little off colour today.

I have caught a horrible cough and cold and I feel awful. 😦 So felt like a dressinggown day and decided to make myself look a little better by putting on some makeup. No foundation though as I seem to have had an allergic reaction to something I’ve been putting on my face which has made me come out in these weird dry patches along my jawline. :-/ So all I could put on was some MAC orange correcter from their Pro Conceal And Correct Pallette, a moss green eyeshadow from ELF and Roller Lash from Benefit. Oh and my peachy coloured lip and cheeks pencil from My Little Beauty.

Ok so the eyeshadow looks a little lighter than in the palette lol but tbh I didn’t really feel like layering it to get a stronger colour, I kinda liked the way it looked. 🙂 Oh and sorry about the shaky pic.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m currently catching up on the week’s The Flash. 🙂

My Little “Super” Box Unboxing.

This is my first My Little Box and I love that it was Superhero themed! I’m such a geek haha!

Let’s take a look inside:

I love that it’s wrapped in that cute little ribbon! Those are a sheet of stickers on the top there. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them but they are really cute!

Let’s see what’s hiding underneath:

Inside the package entitled Every girl is a superhero, is a really cute tee:

This will be great for lounging around in, to wear with a nice pair of skinnies or even for the gym!

Inside the little pouch were these goodies:

Kérastase Lait Cristal – Luminous perfecting conditioner (£20 for 200ml, received 75ml and is a really decent size!)  – I am so happy to have received this as recently me and my hair have fallen out. I don’t know if it’s the weather or what but it’s so dry looking and so god damn fly-away which I know will be down to the heating being on with it being so cold and all but gah it’s driving me crazy!

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream – Anti-ageing de-tiring skin transforming care (£12.99 for 50ml, received full size!) – I swear the folk at My Little Box are mind readers! I had just finished both my night creams (both were samples from my Souk Souk boxes) so was unbelievably pleased to discover this gem in my box this month! Can’t wait to try it out and see if it works.

My Little Beauty Lip & Cheeks Pencil (£10.50 for 3g, received full size!) – I love this and the packaging is real cute! It’s a lovely soft peach shade. I don’t often wear peach on my lips as I didn’t think it suited me but … well … What do you think?

I took the photo in daylight so that you could see the true colour of the lip & cheeks pencil. Sorry about the quality of the pic and my face lol I hadn’t bothered to put any foundation on. It really is a lovely shade that I definitely think I’ll be wearing more often.

Here’s the colour staying power after blotting (I always blot) and then drinking a cup of tea:

Not bad, right? It’s still that lovely peach colour! I was impressed, normally it would have faded a heck of a lot! Ooh also, I’m wearing Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara, not that you can tell that well in the pic lol.

I was so excited by this box. None of the items will get stuck in a drawer or gone to waste. I love them all. Although, what to do with those stickers…. Hmm…. 😀

So, what did you think to this month’s box?

My March Birchbox Unboxing…

I love the design for the box this month! Hmm I wonder what I could use it for…

Here’s what’s inside this month:

I’m unsure about using the Whish Body Butter as I’m not a lover of lavender but we’ll see how it goes. I might be surprised!

I can’t wait to try the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer although it will have to wait until I’ve bought a shower cap or a plastic cap of some kind to use with it.

The perfume smells lovely and the scent lasts for hours.

The little notebook will come in handy at work no doubt as I work in the office.

There’s a 20% off voucher to spend at Habitat included this month. I’ve never shopped there before so I’m gonna have a nose and see what lovely things I can buy.

I tried Benefit’s Roller Lash this morning. It does tend to clog if you’re not careful. When I got home from work, I wiped it off with a makeup wipe and reapplied. The remnants of the makeup wipe actually helped the mascara to go on better. My lashes looked lovely this time and not spidery like before! I find that a dab of moisturiser on the lashes helps when applying mascara too (which I didn’t do this morning lol). 😊

I haven’t tried the Lord & Berry eyeliner yet but shall give it a go tomorrow.

I really appreciated getting a sample of  Penny Vincenzi’s A Perfect Heritage because I love to read and discovering new books!

Has your March Birchbox arrived? What did you think to it this month?

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