Beta/Proofreading Services

After spending 3 years studying hairdressing only to realise this wasn’t for me, I went on to study Business Administration. But really my passion lied in books; I always had the urge to correct errors left in a book’s final copy.  It would just drive me crazy and being a self-confessed perfectionist, I can’t help but want everything to be 100% correct. So I decided to study proofreading as I wanted to help authors and be that second eye to look over everything and make sure that it was all perfect. Since then, in my spare time, I have been lucky enough to work as a proofreader for an e-zine and also for several indie authors.

I have decided to start advertising my Beta/proofreading services should you need a second eye to go over your work and, if you wish, I can also help with promo, etc. I may not be a professional proofreader working in a publishers, but I am accurate and will always give 100%.

If you would like to talk to me about any services please email me at

  1. Hey! I wandered over here because I saw you liked my article on Women in Dystopia for the Daily Geekette. Thanks!
    I’m actually also interested in becoming an editor or proofreader. I’m about to be a senior in college, so I’ve only just started looking into the industry. I would love to hear more about your experience!
    Do you promote yourself as a proofreader in places other than this blog? How do you get the attention of authors? Also, where did you study proofreading?


    • Hi Julia,

      My local college is quite lacking in courses so I had to study online with a reputable online school. I won’t lie, I prefer physical student/teacher interaction but it wasn’t so bad. There are publishers who give advice about how to get into publishing and what courses to study which is helpful. That’s what I’d like to work towards next though I need the pennies to do it first lol. I only advertise my services on this blog and on Twitter for now, though I have been thinking about going with an agency (I feel quite nervous about that so haven’t quite plucked up the courage yet).


    • Hi again Julia,

      I’ve just done a quick search for US proofreading courses and came across this one if you want to take a look?

      Myself being from the UK, I’m not sure how reputable they are but it was one of the top ones in the list when I did my search.


  2. Awesome! Thanks for all the help! Good luck with your publishing goals!


  3. This is really amazing and inspiring. I wish you all the best and hope you all the success in your services. And who knows I will just drop by asking for your help is I ever do finish a book. 🙂


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