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Candy Corn Scented Yankee Candle Mini Review.

Hey guys! How’s your weekend going? Just a very short post today I’m afraid…. 

Got my Yankee Candle lit this evening. Candy Corn has to be my fave Yankee Candle scent! Unlike my other Yankees, this gorgeous sweet smell just lingers all round my flat! It’s beautiful! 

I’m trying to use up my candles as I have quite a few so, of late, I’ve been making a concerted effort to light them each night.  If anyone has any other scented candles to recommend please let me know. I’d love to try them. Especially if they’re vegan friendly!
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World Friendship Day has been and gone but friends last forever!

Sunday was World Friendship day so I surprised my bestie of 17 years, Kat, with a yummy selection box from Hotel Chocolat! Yesterday the postie knocks at my door with a parcel! It was a gift from Kat! She’d got me back hahaha!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! She knows me so well! Now I just need some pretty candles to go in them! Any suggestions on the perfect candles for these holders? 

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Sleep tight my beautiful kitties.

It’s not often that I will post about my personal life. At least not a post like this…
When I moved away to Pembrokeshire, leaving my cats (albeit with my parents as 5 of the 6 were the whole family’s cats) was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. In some ways, it was the hardest. I spent countless days crying and missing them. Particularly Felix as she was my little fur baby. I wanted to take her with me, but as grumpy as she was to the other cats, I wasn’t sure how she’d react to living with me on her own. It got even harder once Willow was born as I knew I couldn’t see them anywhere near as much as I had been but I was excited for the day when they’d finally meet her.
Yesterday I’d heard from my mum that Tessa was really poorly. Not just that, but Felix was also missing! Terra, our other cat, kept going out to look for her. In the early hours of this morning, cuddled up with my mum and dad on the sofa, Tessa sadly passed away from suspected poisoning.

Tessa lazing in the garden.

Felix still hasn’t come home and Terra is now also missing. We suspect they have both been poisoned, too.

Felix was always the crazy one.

Completely and utterly heartbroken over the news. Hurting so bad and I have cried so much my head hurts as well as my heart. I’m still holding onto a glimmer of hope that Felix and Terra will be found and that they’re OK but it doesn’t look good. 😭

Terra always dreamed big and saw himself as a panther in the making.

Such an incredibly sad day. I’m hating the world and hating the people who think it’s ok to poison cats and other pets. 😿 How can we have lost 3 beautiful cats in the space of 24 hours?! It’s just not fair!

Now Felix won’t be waiting in the garden when I come home from Wales for a visit. Looking at me all shocked when I call her name then happy purring and meowing when she realises it’s me. No longer will she laze on my bed, having some down time from the other cats, and no longer will I be able to have cuddles with our three fur babies.
Sorry for such a gloomy post. I just wanted to write about it and get all my feelings out. Completely devastated right now.

My Proofreading Door Is Open!

Well, folks, it’s that time again where my proofreading door is open to you guys. Especially now that I have a little one and have a bit more free time on my hands (when she’s lets me, of course 😝). So, if you need a second pair of eyes to go over your work, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help in any way I can! You can email me at:

I look forward to hearing from you. 😊

Happy Friday everyone!

Take care,


Two Very Special Announcements! 

First off, I’d like to apologise for how quiet I’ve been. Second, the first part of this post should have been done weeks ago but I’ve been kinda busy … getting used to being a mummy! Yep I am now a mummy! I’d like to introduce you all to our daughter, Willow Rose Phillips, born 23 February 2016 at 11.14pm by emergency caesarean, weighing 8lb 11.5oz!


Welcome to the world Willow!


Our beautiful girl.


Daddy and Willow.

Both of us had to spend a couple of days in hospital as we were fighting off an infection but we were ok otherwise. Was so relieved when we finally got to go home, I can tell ya! Being first time parents, it was scary at first but we soon got into the swing of things. Aled still needs to change his fair share of nappies though. 😝

Willow is now nearly 5 weeks old and is doing so well! Can’t wait for her first proper smiles and giggles etc!
The second part of my announcement is …. I’m engaged!! Aled proposed to me last Saturday morning  (19th March) whilst we were cuddled up in bed and I was still half asleep lol!

I can’t wait to take his name! We haven’t set a date yet and will just take the time to save up money so we can have the wedding we really want. Wow, I can actually look at wedding dresses for real now and not just for fun haha! Venue wise, I’d love to get married in a castle or, failing that, something like a manor house.

Well, I just thought I’d pop on and share my good news with you guys. I hope you all have had a lovely Easter.
Take care and I’ll blog again soon (if Willow lets me).

The pitter patter of tiny feet…

Yep in about *counts on fingers* six months time a beautiful baby will be born. My boyfriend and I would like to officially announce that I am pregnant! We went for our first scan today (that’s at 12 weeks here in the UK) and it was amazing to see the little mite wriggling around in there! He/she is doing well so far. *phew* I can’t tell you how happy we are and woohoo we can finally tell everyone!! Yay! I would like to introduce you all to baby Phillips! 

 I am exactly 12 weeks pregnant according to the baby’s measurements and the baby’s due date is 29th February 2016! Eek a leap year baby!

I have been dying to tell you guys for soooo long! It’s been torture having to wait but whew I can finally shout it from the rooftops! Figuratively speaking of course. 😝

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all having a fab day!

Changes are happening. Big, scary, life changing changes!

The past couple of weeks have been kind of emotional. I have now handed my notice in at work and shall officially be leaving on the 7th August! Why you ask? Well, it’s pretty awesome really … My boyfriend has asked me to move in with him! Yay! Eek! It’s such a big step and not just because I’m simply moving into another house in town, ohhhh no. Nope. It’s because I shall be moving away to “sunny” Pembrokeshire, Wales and leaving my friends and family behind in Lincolnshire, England. It’s gonna be real tough leaving them and, let me tell you, I have shed my fair share of tears already just thinking about it! BUT I need to follow my heart. – That sounds sooo corny but it’s true. This is why I’ve been so emotional. Lord knows what I’ll be like on moving day! It is the right thing to do, though. I love my boyfriend and I love Wales – Pembrokeshire is so beautiful! On the week of my move, my boyfriend will be spending the week with me, helping me pack (just the essentials for now as we’ll be living at his parents for a while first) and then he’ll help me haul everything on to the train to my new home! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! I don’t have a job in Wales yet but I’ve been job hunting everyday and am anxiously waiting to hear back from a couple at the mo so fingers crossed I can secure a job BEFORE I actually move down there.


So, there  you go, that’s my big life changing news! Have any of you guys done the same and moved away to be with the one you love?

The Curious Case of Man and Woman

This is quite the read but totally worth it! Grab a cuppa … Are you sitting comfortably? ….. Ok, now you may begin. Prepare to be amused and enjoy!

Reading, Nails and Labyrinth

I am spending my Sunday catching up on some reading. It’s been a while since I’ve had a proper read and there’s a book that I’ve been reading bit by bit for the past couple of months.

Now this is a fab read (I’m over half way through) and is inspired by The Nutcracker. The only reason it’s taking me a while to read is because I haven’t really had that overwhelming urge to read. You know what I mean? I seem to be going through a phase I can’t seem to concentrate on reading, it’s like I’ve lost my reading mojo or something lol. So for the past couple of days I’ve been making a concerted effort to get back into reading.

As well as reading my book, I have also painted my nails.

The nail polish came free with my Cosmo mag (I haven’t read a magazine in quite a long time so I thought it would make a nice change to read one on the way home from London the other week). 😀 I initially thought this was a shade of red but it seems to shift between red and orange, dependant on the light. The polish did take a little while to dry but dried to a lovely shiny effect once it had.

Right now, I’ve taken a break from reading because Labyrinth is on TV. Yay!! I love this film and have been brought up watching it since I was a kid, thanks to my dad! It’s quite ironic that it’s on today as last night I’d been looking at this amazing site that makes Labyrinth inspired items! These are some of the items I’d love to buy if I had the pennies:

Art Dolls   Ludo Friend!

Chilly Down!

   Ello! I absolutely love this!!



Goblin King! Is it just me or did anyone else find David Bowie sexy as the Goblin King?


  Knocked Earrings!
 Goblin King Pendant!

I just want it all to be honest. They are all so beautifully detailed and look just like they’ve stepped out of the film!

If you’d like to check out more of the items then you can find the site Here! They’re all lovingly handmade by the amazing Alyson Tabbitha who I actually discovered on DeviantArt after coming across some amazing crystal sword necklaces that she’s made which are also available on her site. 

 Pretty, right? I love it! I can’t wait to see her April collection! They’re definitely worth checking out if you love your crystals and also swords, like I do!

Right, time for me to get back to watching Labyrinth and wishing that I had my very own Ludo and Worm! Enjoy your Sunday! 😀

Disgusted with Sainsburys

The other day my mum found out that Sainsburys had a sale on some of their perfumes. She thought it a fab idea to get a few for people for Christmas so she headed on over to the website to check it out. She ordered 6 perfumes (4 women’s and 2 men’s) and the total came to something like £38. Bargain! To knock the delivery charge down, she also ordered a few cans of food so that the order was at least £40 with £2 delivery.


Today the order came. It was mum’s first order from Sainsburys and so the delivery guy was super apologetic because pretty much everything was substituted! All the perfumes were different. Not only that, but they only sent 5! And instead of it being 4 women’s and 2 men’s, it was 2 women’s and 3 men’s! Oh, and the crutch of it? Instead of only paying £38 for the perfumes, they’d charged her £109!!!! They had given her alternates at FULL PRICE!! I am disgusted! I have heard that supermarkets send alternatives but why the hell should you expect the customer to pay more for something they didn’t even order?! Not only that, but you have no right to then go and debit a larger amount from their bank account without their permission! What if the person doesn’t have a great deal of money in the bank but decided to spend the last of it before pay day? They would then get overdrawn and possibly face charges! Sainsburys didn’t think about that now, did they?!

  (Her email of the order. The total came to £42.75 inc delivery)

 Suffice to say, my mum was furious and gave the poor customer service guy hell on the phone when she rang them to complain. She’s asked for them to come collect the whole order and to be given a refund. They claim they are going to investigate the incident and will give her a call tomorrow.

I can tell you for a fact that that is the first and last time we will be shopping online at Sainsburys!

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