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Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter review. 

I love Makeup Revolution’s vivid baked highlighter in golden lights. You can use a quick swirl of the highlighter for a natural glow, giving a flawless look to your skin. Sooo easy to apply and blend. You literally only need a tiny bit for that subtle glow or a little bit more to really blind them! 

Dare I say it’s better than Jeffree Star’s Skin Frosts?? Yes! And at £3 it’s a fraction of the cost! I shall definitely be purchasing again! On my eyes I’ve used the Jeffree Star Androgyny palette and on my lips the Morphe liquid lipstick in School Girl.

I bought my Vivid Baked Highlighter from Superdrug but you can also purchase it online from Tam Beauty.

Note: The makeup products I have used are either cruelty free or vegan! 😀 🐰 

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Yesterday’s #FOTD

Going shopping and to the cinema yesterday gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette:



I wanted to keep things quite natural so the eyeshadow colours I used were:

White chocolate

Milk chocolate



Creme brûlée 
I used the last two along my lash line, too.  I also wore Wildly Natural’s powder foundation in Fair and Benefit’s Roller Lash on my lashes. My lips are nude with just a little of Sweet Cecily’s lip balm in Banoffee Pie.

Shopping Haul and No Makeup Day.

I woke up this morning with an awful dry patch on my chin and around my jawline. Suffice to say, I was not impressed! I *think* I’ve had a reaction to something but not sure what so will have to single out a product to see which it is. I suspect it may be my rose toner. I was going to wear makeup today as was wanting to experience with my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette but thought I should give my skin a rest so this is me au naturale:


Bar my Yours Truly Organics Fix Me! Repairing Serum, Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream and Clinique Moisture Surge Gel Creme.

Despite me still having a cold, my sister and I had a great day yesterday. We went into Scunthorpe and did a bit of shopping before going to the cinema to see Insurgent. I love the top I bought from Select. It’s very Faith from Buffy, I thought. I thought the chemise was so cute and just had to buy. I really want to get a mint green kimono or something to go with the chemise, too. Hehe I’m such a geek and just had to buy the Wonder Woman thongs! It was actually my sister who spotted them and knew I’d love them! The smellies I bought will be birthday or Christmas gifts. The mango one will be for my sister as she loves The Mortal Instruments same as me so will totally get the reference (she got me one too haha!).

Here’s my haul:


Top – £8.99 reduced to £4.99.

Chemise – £7.00.
Leggings – £5.00.
Top – £6.00.
Shorts (pack of 3) – £5.00.
Wonder Woman thongs (pack of 3) – £3 reduced to £1.00.
Bra – £6.00.
Belt – £1.00.
Mango & Papaya bubble bath and shower cream – £2.00 reduced to £1.00.
Strawberries & Cream bubble bath and shower cream – £2.00 reduced to £1.00.

 I love the top I bought from Select. It’s very Faith from Buffy, I thought. I thought the chemise was so cute and just had to buy. I really want to get a mint green kimono or something to go with the chemise, too. Hehe I’m such a geek and just had to buy the Wonder Woman thongs! It was actually my sister who spotted them and knew I’d love them! The smellies I bought will be birthday or Christmas gifts. The mango one will be for my sister as she loves The Mortal Instruments series as much as I do so will totally get the reference (she got me one too haha!).

Insurgent was good but as with most adaptations, it missed loads out, especially scenes that we book fans were hoping to see! It also included things that weren’t supposed to happen until the third book. So I’ve no idea how the film for Allegiant will pan out especially as it’s being filmed in two parts aswell!

I hope everyone is having a fab weekend!


I’ve been reading a fair bit about this teatoxing lark lately and thought it a great healthy way to detox and cleanse your body so thought I’d give it a try. I’ve heard there are some Teatox regimes that require you not to eat but I decided to try the Bootea Teatox (£34.99 one time purchase for a 28 day detox but there is the option of doing the 14 day plan. It can also be subscription based which is a little bit cheaper and they send you the Teatox every 6 weeks) which requires you to eat like you normally do – a healthy calorie controlled diet, of course – alongside a daytime tea in the morning, every morning, and a bedtime tea every other night. I think one of the main reasons you have to do that with the bedtime tea is because it contains Senna which works like a mild laxative. Admittedly, this is one of the things that drew me to this particular Teatox. I’ve always had problems with my tummy and bowels so I was curious as to whether it would work for me (other things in the past haven’t). It has also been claimed that the Teatox may help a person lose weight – another thing that had me intrigued. In the past year I’d put on shy of a stone – they say love does that to ya lol – so I wanted to see if the same would happen to me.

Week 1.
Start weight: 8st 9lb.
I’m not sure I feel any different after taking the daytime tea (which I found the taste to be a little bland, maybe, but not unpleasant). After the first time of taking the bedtime tea (which, by the way, I liked even more than the daytime tea. I think it’s the peppermint that I liked), it took around 12 hours before I noticed any physical effect. Without being too … graphic … It was easier to go to the loo. By the third time of taking the bedtime tea … oh, boy, it had really kicked in. It took about 8 hours for it to take affect. Let me tell you, it’s like a colonic irrigation in teabag form. Which, personally, I thought was great. At least it means you don’t have to go through all that discomfort that a tube up your arse would bring! Be prepared, you may be on the loo for a while. Another thing that I like about the bedtime tea is that it made me drowsy about half an hour after taking it which lead to the most amazing sleep ever. I’ve struggled with my sleep for years and years so was thrilled to finally get a peaceful night’s sleep!
Week 2.
Things are still going well although I’ve noticed that I’m getting trapped wind. However, this could just be coincidental. The one thing I’ve noticed is that the Teatox suppresses my appetite. For example, my boyfriend and I went to our favourite restaurant, Frankie and Benny’s, for Valentine’s Day and I got half way through my pasta dish to find I was full! For dessert we ALWAYS have brownies and ice cream (it is to die for!) but, again, I just didn’t want to eat it all! This is unusual for me because I can usually eat it within minutes regardless of how much I’ve eaten prior to it! 
Weeks 3 & 4.
I’ve put weeks 3 and 4 together because there wasn’t too much to report. I found I was still getting trapped wind and also acid reflux. That week I did notice that if you have something naughty to eat *cough* like pizza on a Friday night for example *cough* and then have the bedtime tea that evening before bed, trust me, it’ll be telling you off the morning after! I was actually quite poorly and wasn’t sure if I wanted to be sick or the other and nearly fainted. Sorry to be so blunt. I was more than likely dehydrated as it was early in the morning so I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink at that point. It’s advised that you drink plenty of water after taking the bedtime tea which unfortunately I hadn’t. Despite that little glitch, I have no regrets about doing this Teatox. It has made me feel more awake, motivated and energised and, if the pizza incident is anything to go by, it has clearly done a good job of cleansing my body from the inside. I also feel happier in myself! When it came to taking the last of my tea last week, I felt quite sad that I was finishing it as for me it really worked. But it’s an awful lot of money to spend every 6 weeks. However, I would definitely like to do it again in the future. Maybe every couple of months when pay day comes around. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. If you do, or already have, let me know how you got on. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Oh and after I finished my Teatox, I weighed myself. My finished weight was 8st 5lb! So I lost 4lb! Yay go me!

My Pink Parcel Box has arrived!

If you remember, I’d wrote a blog post a few days ago about a subscription box called Pink Parcel. It’s a must-have for *that* time of the month. We women can get a bit down or grumpy (or both) when it’s that time and need a little cheering up. So in walk Pink Parcel to do just that!

My Pink Parcel arrived this morning – just in time!

I love how classy and sophisticated the box looks. Is it weird that it randomly reminds me of Audrey Hepburn?

Still in-keeping with the classy and sophisticated look. The two boxes that say for bedtime and for later and the pouch that says for now are all the necessities you need for your period. The pouch is a great idea! Beats having pads or tampons floating around in your bag or accidentally having the zip undone on the inside pocket of your bag and someone seeing *coughs* that’s not happened to me, honest 😉! They’ve provided me with more than enough pads to see me through my period. 😊

The For You box was, of course, the box I was most excited about. Here’s what’s inside:

And a better look:


Bubble T’s Lemongrass & Green Tea bath bombs – Great thing about these are they are paraben, SLS & SLES free so no nasties yay!

Perfectil Triple Active skin, hair & nails capsules (1 week supply). – It’s been a while since I took supplements for my skin hair & nails so I’m super happy I got these to try out!

Tea pigs Chocolate flake tea (1 tea bag). – I am sooo gonna try this in a minute! Sounds yummy!

Bandzee – Great! Not worn these before so shall wear one tomorrow.

Paw Paw Payaya Moisturising Balm (25g/.88oz. Contains no parabens or sulphates. I *think* this is full size). – It’s weird coz a the other day a fellow blogger had mentioned one of Paw Paw’s balms in their post and I remember thinking that I’d like to try it … And now I can! Yay! I tried it and it is really moisturising to your lips. I’m loving it so far!

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in “I sing In Color” (Full size). – You might not be able to tell from the pic but this is a dark purple colour. Yay my favourite! So pleased I got this as I really like O.P.I nail varnishes! 😊

Divine’s Caramel Dark Chocolate (40g. Standard choccy bar size. Fairtrade.) – Id seen this chocolate on a fine foods website recently and was really wanting to try it! It’s like Pink Parcel can read my mind! I shall be tucking into this tomorrow as my best friend’s son gave me a Creme Egg today so that’s my chocolate fix for the day lol.

All in all, I loved all the products. I was so impressed by what I got and it really has cheered me up immensely! So thanks so much Pink Parcel for making my day! And for making that time of the month a little more bearable! 😉

What do you think? Have any of you guys got a subscription with Pink Parcel?

My First Birchbox Unboxing!

I decided that seeing as my Souksouk subscription was up, I’d check out a different subscription beauty box. I chose to go with Birchbox because I’d heard so many people raving about it and that they tailor to your skin/beauty/hair needs a lot better than some others, so I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

My box arrived yesterday and I was so excited to see what was inside. The box has such a cute and simple look to it! I would have blogged about it yesterday but was busy getting ready to go see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert (who btw were AMAZING!!! A post about that will be up sometime soon)!

I love that it came in a little drawstring bag. I got all excited when I saw that there Benefit High Beam as I’d been really wanting to try it out.


The Chia Co’s Oats & Chia.

Eyeko’s Fat Eye Stick in Gilt (full size).

Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum.

Electric Hair’s Hydrate Shampoo.

Benefit’s High Beam.

T London’s Darjeeling Bath & Shower Wash.

So far, I’ve tried out High Beam which highlights my cheeks and brow bone lovely. I’ve also tried the Vinoperfect Serum. I found this didn’t completely sink into my skin and a layer of serum was left on the surface a bit like moisturiser does. I think I prefer using my Yours Truly Organics’ Fix Me Repair Serum as that totally sinks in and feels like there’s nothing actually on the skin.

I can’t wait to try out the rest of the products! Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you think to this month’s selection of products?

My Souksouk Little Green Beauty Box Is Here!

Just like with the sleep box I blogged about, I was so excited when I saw this was waiting for me!

What lush things did I get in it this time? Here’s a list:


And a pic of all the lovely goodies that the list talks about:


And a close up of the Glam 3-in-1 Lipsuite in Rose Pink:



It claims to be a lip balm, colour and gloss all-in-one. So can’t wait to try that out.

I am particularly excited to try the Calendula Cream as I suffer from eczema. So, with it being all natural ingredients, I really hope it works. Plus, it smells divine!


I love that Souksouk introduces me to brands I’ve never even heard of before.

Review: The Holistic Beauty Book

The Holistic Beauty Book
Author: Star Khechara
Published: 20 Nov 2008
Publisher: Green Books
Pages: 176

What a fab and wonderful book this was! This is primarily a recipe book to make your own Earth-friendly natural skin/beauty products but it is also filled with information on how to care for your skin, and how using natural products is not only kinder to your skin but also the environment, and also info about the beauty industry and the “natural” products commercially sold in shops and how they aren’t so natural after all! There is also a small section near the front of the book with a few food recipes to steer you in the right direction to eating healthy. And eating healthy means healthy skin too!

You don’t have to read this from the beginning, you can just dip in and out of it whenever you want. It’s filled with tonnes of really easy to follow recipes to make your own yummy and kind-to-your-skin beauty products from lip balms to face creams to shampoo, and from just a handful of ingredients too! I’m itching to make some scrummy smelling lip balm and all I’d need is 2 or 3 ingredients! What is really helpful is that the author notes the shelf life of each recipe so you know how long it’s going to last you once it’s made. The first thing I wanted to do after reading this, actually it was during if I’m totally honest, is go out and buy all the ingredients and utensils to make my own beauty products. I can’t wait to try them out. The best thing about making your own products is that you know exactly what you’re putting in there and that there’s no nasty chemicals or added preservatives, colours etc. Instead it is all natural which is especially great if you have sensitive skin. This book really is amazing and definitely worth a read.

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