My Christmas Geek Box is here!

Yay my geek box arrived. This month I got:
•Jack Skellington día de muertos Sugar Skull tee
•Santa Darth Vader Plush Toy
•Death star juggling balls
•Stormtrooper bauble (with a cookie inside!)
•Optimus Prime Transformers stress ball (this will come in handy at work!)
•Pac-Man bottle opener
•Mini selection box (yummy!)

The box is so awesome this month and the Santa Darth Vader is just adorable! Plus woohoo a selection box! Christmas isn’t christmas without one of those! Haha my boyfriend has already told me he wants the Star Wars stuff! Cheeky bugger!

I hope everybody has a lovely Christmas and that all your wishes come true. I hope you’ve all been good for Santa!


Pop on over to My Geek Box to discover them for yourself!

Is It Me, Or Am I Getting Old?

Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers:

This had me giggling so much that I just had to share. It is true on so many levels!

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is it me or 54A few days ago, yet another year escaped my kung-fu grip. I had been clutching onto twenty-seven with all my might, but no matter how hard I grasped it tight, it wriggled its way out of my relentless arms like quicksand in an hourglass. As I faced the mirror once again, I could see my every imperfection. The rose-tinted glasses had been replaced by a magnifying glass. I could see every pore on my skin, large and open, like mini craters on the moon’s surface. I could see my bulging eye bags, screaming ‘We need sleep!”. I could see, what used to be a frown line, verging on the brink of wrinklehood. And on even closer inspection, I could see a grey hair hiding among of field of brunette tresses.

I sighed, and with a heaviness in my heart, wondered “When did I get so old?”

I didn’t think too

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My Souksouk Little Green Beauty Box Is Here!

Just like with the sleep box I blogged about, I was so excited when I saw this was waiting for me!

What lush things did I get in it this time? Here’s a list:


And a pic of all the lovely goodies that the list talks about:


And a close up of the Glam 3-in-1 Lipsuite in Rose Pink:



It claims to be a lip balm, colour and gloss all-in-one. So can’t wait to try that out.

I am particularly excited to try the Calendula Cream as I suffer from eczema. So, with it being all natural ingredients, I really hope it works. Plus, it smells divine!


I love that Souksouk introduces me to brands I’ve never even heard of before.

Drinking Blended Endangered Frogs Offer Healing Powers

Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers:

Utterly speechless. :(

Originally posted on Rachel Being Chatty:


The name says it all, doesn’t it?

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Come Join Me At Everything Cosmetic!


My review of Leighton Denny’s Light and Dark perfume is now up over at Everything Cosmetic! Pop on over to check it out!

My Souksouk Sleep Box Has Arrived!

When I saw that logo on my parcel I got so excited. Yaaaay my SoukSouk sleep box is finally here!!

I open it and this is what I first see:

Oooh those lavender sleep patches look intriguing. Can’t wait to try those! That wasn’t all that was in it though! Nope! Under some more packaging I found all these goodies:

My gosh I was so excited that these lovely goodies were in my possession! So far I have tried the Aloe Vera and Ylang Ylang bubble bath/shower gel. It smells divine! After my bath (which sadly was luke warm due to the boiler konking out but hey ho) I tried out the Sleep Tight Body Cream. There is a definite lavender-ness about it and there’s another yummy herbal-y smell to it too…lush! Before I go to bed tonight I’m gonna pop some sleep balm on my temples and sweet dreams roller ball on my wrists. Ooh and those sleep patches on my feet. Fingers crossed that I shall have the best night sleep EVER tonight! I had gastritis last week and have been suffering from insomnia since last Thursday so all being well this will help! Wish me luck!

My favourite pastime…

I love going into a cute little coffee shop, enjoying a nice cup of coffee whilst reading my book of the moment.

(Mmmm a brownie and an Amaretto Latté)

There is something really relaxing and cosy about it. Today I’m in Cafè Nero above Watersones in Lincoln. I love the idea of combining a bookshop and a coffee shop. They just go perfectly together.

(Currently reading “Life Blood” by V.M. Black)

Nearly finished my Amaretto latté. Methinks I’ll get another. It is seriously the yummiest thing ever.


I love Pinterest. It comes up with all sorts of random things whether you mean to come across them or not. Today it’s lead me to this site with a how-to-guide on beautiful intricate braids from TV shows like Game of Thrones (I loooove the hairstyles they do on the show) to films like The Hunger Games.


It’s truly amazing. Check the site out here!

How Blogging Changed My Life – Handle the Heat

How Blogging Changed My Life – Handle the Heat.


I thought this post was really inspirational and helpful to those wanting to start their own blog. Also, the blog itself is pretty awesome, too, if you love your food! There’s so many yummy recipes to try! Such as these chocolate stuffed red velvet cupcakes Mmm they sound and look to-die-for!

I’ve discovered a green beauty gem!

Whilst searching for a beauty box (makeup/beauty case, whatever you wanna call it) on the ‘net due to wanting all my makeup to be in one place and more organised, I surprisingly came across a site called Souksouk.


It’s a fab little site that sends you a “little green beauty box” each month filled with beautiful “green” goodies which are organic and -yay!- animal cruelty free!


You can buy a one off box or you can buy a quarterly, six monthly or yearly subscription. You can also see what was sent in previous boxes so that you have an idea of the type of things you’ll get. At the moment they’re doing a limited edition “Beauty Sleep Box” which I have personally ordered as I do have trouble sleeping. I can’t wait to try it out!


If you like your green, organic and animal friendly beauty and makeup products then this site is definitely worth checking out!


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