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My Pink Parcel Box has arrived!

If you remember, I’d wrote a blog post a few days ago about a subscription box called Pink Parcel. It’s a must-have for *that* time of the month. We women can get a bit down or grumpy (or both) when it’s that time and need a little cheering up. So in walk Pink Parcel to do just that!

My Pink Parcel arrived this morning – just in time!

I love how classy and sophisticated the box looks. Is it weird that it randomly reminds me of Audrey Hepburn?

Still in-keeping with the classy and sophisticated look. The two boxes that say for bedtime and for later and the pouch that says for now are all the necessities you need for your period. The pouch is a great idea! Beats having pads or tampons floating around in your bag or accidentally having the zip undone on the inside pocket of your bag and someone seeing *coughs* that’s not happened to me, honest 😉! They’ve provided me with more than enough pads to see me through my period. 😊

The For You box was, of course, the box I was most excited about. Here’s what’s inside:

And a better look:


Bubble T’s Lemongrass & Green Tea bath bombs – Great thing about these are they are paraben, SLS & SLES free so no nasties yay!

Perfectil Triple Active skin, hair & nails capsules (1 week supply). – It’s been a while since I took supplements for my skin hair & nails so I’m super happy I got these to try out!

Tea pigs Chocolate flake tea (1 tea bag). – I am sooo gonna try this in a minute! Sounds yummy!

Bandzee – Great! Not worn these before so shall wear one tomorrow.

Paw Paw Payaya Moisturising Balm (25g/.88oz. Contains no parabens or sulphates. I *think* this is full size). – It’s weird coz a the other day a fellow blogger had mentioned one of Paw Paw’s balms in their post and I remember thinking that I’d like to try it … And now I can! Yay! I tried it and it is really moisturising to your lips. I’m loving it so far!

O.P.I Nail Lacquer in “I sing In Color” (Full size). – You might not be able to tell from the pic but this is a dark purple colour. Yay my favourite! So pleased I got this as I really like O.P.I nail varnishes! 😊

Divine’s Caramel Dark Chocolate (40g. Standard choccy bar size. Fairtrade.) – Id seen this chocolate on a fine foods website recently and was really wanting to try it! It’s like Pink Parcel can read my mind! I shall be tucking into this tomorrow as my best friend’s son gave me a Creme Egg today so that’s my chocolate fix for the day lol.

All in all, I loved all the products. I was so impressed by what I got and it really has cheered me up immensely! So thanks so much Pink Parcel for making my day! And for making that time of the month a little more bearable! 😉

What do you think? Have any of you guys got a subscription with Pink Parcel?


20 Questions!

I first saw this on Blonde Girl Talks post. I loved her answers and thought it would be a really fun thing to do! Here we go …

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?

Being practical, it would have to be my keys. Being truthful, it would be my phone haha I’d be absolutely lost without it.

2. Favourite brand of make up?

 Oooh I couldn’t possibly choose! I like different brands for different reasons.

3. Favorite Flower?

I’m gonna sound really cliché here but I love roses. Lilies and orchids are very beautiful too. And if I was to get married (fingers crossed) I’d love to have a bouquet of wild flowers.

4. Favourite Clothing store?

I quite like Next for their quality. I also love Forever 21 for their diversity but I can never figure out their sizing when it comes to trousers/jeans haha! If I’m shopping in Lincoln then you’ll usually find me browsing the rails in Primark.

5. Favourite Perfume?

I actually have 3 favourite perfumes coz I’m greedy like that!

The first is CK One. It was the first perfume that I fell in love with.

The second is Gucci Rush. It’s such a sweet smell, if a little sickly at times, depending on my mood I guess.

My third and last one if Sui Dreams. I think actually this is my favourite out of the three. It is such a lovely sweet floral scent!

6. Heels or flats?

I wear flats most of the time (I have an artificial leg so balance-wise this is better for me) but I do like to wear heels, too on occassion.

7. Do you get good grades in school?

Well they weren’t exactly A*s but I was pleased with my results. After I started college, I popped back to school to visit my teachers and some were so mad at me when I told them that instead of doing something academic, I was doing a hairdressing course lol oops!

8. Favourite Colour?

Ohhh purple all the way!

9. Do you drink energy drinks?

Not any more. As well as becoming dependant on them, they made me feel poorly and gave me a poorly tummy, not to mention messing with my heart rate and making me feel jittery to the point where I couldn’t focus on doing my work. It’s baaaad stuff! People have died after drinking them because it affects your heart!

10. Do you drink juice?

Yes I do! I love orange and mango juice!

11. Do you like swimming?

I looove swimming! In school, because of my leg, it was the only sport I could confidently do so whilst everyone else was playing netball, rugby, hockey, etc. I’d be at the leisure centre happily swimming away. I’d love to go daily but I’d need assistance and there’s no one who could go with me. 😔

12. Do you eat your chips with a fork?

Mmmm chippy chips! I do eat with a fork but if they’re from the chippy then it’s fingers whilst eating out the wrapper lol!

13. What is your favorite moisturizer?

I just use E45. It’s a cream I’ve had to use all my life tbh. It works just as well in my face as any other part of my body. I am thinking about investing in an actual moisturiser, though as I’m being to get tiny lines in the outer corner of my eyes now. Eek! Damn getting old!

14. Do you want to get married?

I would love to! I would love a small wedding in the woods or a manor house or castle or something. Or maybe we’d just elope and get married on a beach somewhere haha. Like Hawaii! My dress would be simple yet classy like Monica’s dress in Friends! Her dress was gorgeous! Saying that, if we got married in a castle I’d totally have a medieval style dress. However, if it’s a beach wedding then would be hippyfied with flared sleeves and it would be made of cotton.

15. Do you get mad easily?

Not really as I’m a fairly calm and laid back person but people can wind me up easily and I can also be quite sensitive.

16. Do you believe in ghosts?

Hmm I’m not sure tbh. I’d like to think it’s possible as I’d hate to think we die and there’d be nothing afterwards.

17. Do you have any phobias?

Spiders and creepy crawlies. Eek me no likey! Ever seen the film The Covenant? There’s this scene where tinnes of tiny spiders are crawling around this dorm room, onto this girl and then into her ear! *shudders* I always look away now when I watch it! For a while I’d sleep in my hooded dressing gown so that nothing could crawl in my ears! This also happened after I got stung in the head one night by a bee! My god it was sooo painful and I was so shocked that I started to shake and was crying. It took me ages to calm down. I was in pain for several days!

My most illogical phobia (or maybe it’s a fear??) is ventriloquist dummies! I hate, hate, hate them! Those things creep me out so bad! My sister is the same. We were once watching a sitcom where all of a sudden, a ventriloquist dummy was pulled out the back of a car and we both screamed hahaha! I don’t like dolls either. Like Chucky or that bloody Annabelle doll! I won’t even watch that film lol!

Oh and clowns. I hate clowns!

18. Do you bite your nails?

Nope I’ve never been a biter.

19. Starbucks or costa?

I’m a Costa convert. Their Chai tea is to die for! However, I love Cafè Neros for their coffee. Much more flavour than Starbucks.

20. tea of coffee?

I’m more of a tea drinker now. I love trying different teas! Pukka teas are sooo flavoursome! They beat Twinings hand down!

Pink Parcel – A girl’s best friend!

If only a guy could be as thoughtful as Pink Parcel! This is a subscription surprise box centred around *that* dreaded time of the month. Not only do they make sure you have all your necessities, but they also send you treats to cheer you up and make you smile, too! This has to be the sweetest thing ever! It would be a perfect subscription box for a teen, too. Darn them not being around when I was a teen. I probably would have cried at the thoughtfulness had someone gifted it to me (yes, I was one of *those* emotional teens …. Still am lol)! – After delving a bit further into it, there is actually a “teen parcel” option!

How it works:
Step No 1 – Select a brand (tampon/towel brand)
We supply all your favourite brands so you won’t have to change a habit of a lifetime.

Step No 2 – Tell us your dates
Let us know when your period is due. Don’t panic if you’re not sure, you can change the dates at any time.

Step No 3 – Receive your parcel
You’ll receive your products and treats 3-5 days before your period starts each month.

Step No 4 – And Relax!
Now it’s time to pamper yourself and make your time of the month a little bit lovelier.

Here’s what they say is included:

because a cup of tea solves everything!
to help hit that craving spot.
brands you know – plus something new.
all your favourite brands
for that all important pamper time

And pssst here’s a sneak peak at this month’s box (look away now if you don’t want to see):


The first box is £5.95 and then it’s £9.99 thereafter (p&p included!).

This is such a wonderful idea and is definitely something I’d be interested in getting. I can’t stop gushing at what a sweet, sweet thing it is!

Have any of you subscribed to Pink Parcel before? What did you think?

If you have any review requests, feel free to email me at: 😊

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