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The Indie Book Nook!

I have so much love for Indie authors (some of my fave books are by Indie authors!) so I think this is such a fabulous idea!



How many of you feel the same way as Kat? I know I do! This sums up my feelings towards reading perfectly. A world without books would be dull and boring and there would be nowhere to escape to to get away from the problems of everyday life.

Kat Silver

Late one afternoon at school I found myself under a company of trees, seated on a bench and reading a book.

I’m not quite sure what I was reading exactly but I remember being quite involved in the book. The words were swallowing me up hole, the characters dragging me into their world and I’m sure that the tension within that paragraph was quite high because I was very unimpressed when someone called for my attention.
The girl who called to me was young and asked why I was reading. I really didn’t want to mean to the little girl, I was reading and everyone should know not to bother an avid reader while doing what they love, but I managed to mumble out that I enjoyed it. The girl then frowned and replied by saying that she didn’t read because it was boring and only nerds did it

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so true…

I totally agree with this!



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