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Book Review – The Autumn Duchess by Katie M. John.


“I’d woken up to find myself in a different world and a different time. If this wasn’t confusing enough, there was now a stupidly handsome, half-naked guy standing before me, barely covered by a tartan blanket. A minute ago, he had been a stag running for his life. 

Glen McGarrick is a cheeky Jacobite rebel from 1745. He’s also cursed by a fairy queen.

Skye Lennox is a twenty-first century teen who should be dead, but isn’t. Instead, she’s woken up in a world where magic still lingers, evil fairies demand ritual sacrifices, everyone hates the English, and the corsetry is too damned tight. 

Bound by their shared secrets, Skye and Glen embark on a mission to get Skye home before the evil English Duke ensnares Skye along with all his other pretty little creatures.

I never fail to be transported into the worlds that Katie M. John creates. A beautiful novella about time travel, love and magic. I loved the chemistry between Skye and Glen. Old Meg was a great, mysterious character that I would love to have known more about. I would also love to have known more about the dark fairy, glen and just delved more into the their backstories and history. It was such a lovely read that I didn’t want it to end! It’s perfect if you’re after a short read and is part of The Seasons’ Fairy Tales collection.

Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands Brushes.

Hey all. How are ya’ll doing this fine Sunday? I recently took part in a competition to win a set of Storybook Cosmetics brushes at a book release party over on Facebook. I was so thrilled when I found out I’d won that I thought I’d share my excitement with you all.

I’d been lusting after the brushes for sooo long and I can’t wait to work some magic with them – IF I can bring myself to use them! Thank you so much Katie M. John for my spoils! I really wasn’t expecting the extras that came with the brushes so it was such a lovely surprise! Love my little Gomm knight badge. I’ll be putting that on one of my bags! Willow loves the pen haha and attempted to draw all over the parcel bag. 😂

Katie is the fabulous author of amazing YA books such as The Knight Trilogy series and the Meadowsweet Chronicles series. If you’d like to find out more about her books, check out her author page on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Happy Book Release Day! – Angelicus by Katie M. John.

I am so excited to announce that ‘Angelicus’, the 4th book in the Meadowsweet Chronicles series, is out today! If this is your first time stumbling across the series by Katie M. John then please keep on reading. You will also find a link below to download ‘Witchcraft’, the first book in the series, for free!

‘Angelicus’ Book 4 of The Meadowsweet Chronicles

Published by Little Bird Publishing House London.

Date of Release 22nd of March 2018

Author Katie M. John


There’s no light without dark.
Fox Meadowsweet is a Witch. Jeremiah is a Witch Hunter. The Meadowsweet bloodline has lived in the sleepy English village of Heargton for thousands of years. Jeremiah Chase is a New York boy in exile.

Neither of them asked for their past, but now it’s the only thing that can save their future as dark and ancient paranormal forces threaten to obliterate the world.

When a local college girl is discovered ritually murdered and covered in strange symbols, old suspicions rise, ancient fears manifest, and centuries-spanning blood feuds reignite between the old households of the village.
With their ancestral reputation of magic and witchcraft, eyes turn to the three beautiful Meadowsweet sisters. Including the eyes of Jeremiah Chase, who finds himself inexplicably drawn the quirky wild beauty of the middle sister, Fox.

But as Jeremiah learns the history of her bloodline, he also unearths the dark and tangled story of his own family, giving him knowledge of a terrible and diabolical legacy.




Giving away a Witchy Hamper of surprise goodies worth $75 and a Semi-precious stone pendant made of amethyst and rose quartz. Click the link below to enter!

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Witchcraft BOOK 1





Kindle US:

Kindle UK:







Meadowsweet Chronicles

10 of my favourite books that are under £2 to download for the kindle! -Dayna

I think you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the books on this list. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Happy New Year!

Meant To Be by Tiffany King. Free:

The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson. Free:

Violet Midnight by Allie Burke. 0.86p:

The Forest of Adventures by Katie M. John. 0.86p:

Darkhouse by Karina Halle. 86p:

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. 99p:

Bite Club by Rachel Caine. 99p:

Wither by Lauren DeStefano. 99p:

Stealing Phoenix by Joss Stirling. 99p:

Fallen by Lauren Kate. £1.79:

The Immortal Beloved Blog Tour!


Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers are taking part in a blog tour for Katie M John between 18th-25th August .

On the 20th of August at 5pm (UK time) we will be hosting a character Q&A session live on twitter asking the characters of The Knight Trilogy all your questions! Have you ever wanted to ask Blake, Mina, Sam or Vivien (or any of the other characters) a question? Now’s your chance! Email your questions to

When we all read books we can all imagine what the characters look like, we want to see what you think they look like! If you’re artistic, why not draw Mina for example? We want to see them all, even cartoon and anime! All drawings will be posted on the blog on the 23rd August.

If you can’t draw don’t worry! I can’t draw but I can imagine which celebrity I would want playing Blake! Can you? Tweet us your celebrity and we will put them on the site also!

Don’t forget to check out Katie M John’s blog and stop off at the other blogs throughout the tour for more fun, games and competitions!

Immortal Beloved Blog Tour Schedule 18th-25th August!

18th August
Author Interview at: I Bet You Think This Blog is about you.

19th August
Guest Post by Katie M. John. ‘Knights versus Vampires’ & Review at: Two Chicks on Books.

20th August
Live Character Q&A Twitter Chat with Author (40-50mins. 5pm start) & Drawing Contest hosted by: Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers.
@tlmfarmgirl will be hosting a twitter contest.

21st August
@ThamyDuff Quiz, which Knight is for you?
Review of Immortal Beloved at: I Bet You Think This Blog is about you.

22nd August
Character interviews at:

23rd August
Review of Immortal Beloved at: Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers.

24th August
Guest Post from Katie. M. John at: Tamara’s Book Ramblings

25th August ****RELEASE DAY****
Review of Immortal Beloved at:

Immortal Beloved by Katie M John Review – By Lauren

 Immortal Beloved is the follow up to The Forest of Adventures. If you follow us on Twitter you will know that me and Dayna love this author!  I had the chance to beta read this for Katie M John so here is my review!

 Now Blake has gone, Mina is left alone. Now its time for the next installment where it’s up to Mina to save Blake along with her ex boyfriend Sam and best friend Delta’s help!

 The beginning is very powerful, strong, effective and I feel sorry for Mina. I love Mina and Delta’s relationship and I can tell it will be strong. Through the beginning of the book I started to feel very attached to Mina, like she is my sister, I want to protect her. I think everybody can relate to the pain Mina feels, I just wanted to hug her so bad!!

 My heart broke when she received the news that Blake is dead. I wanted to whisper ‘ he isn’t dead’.

 Then the fun starts, Mina, Sam and Delta go to Egypt to save Blake. Mina starts to realise the power that The Realm holds. This is where Blake comes into the book. He has little passages where we can see his feelings, whats happening to him. I really likes that because we the readers knew more of what was happening to them but had to keep reading to see what was about to happen! Does that make sense? I doubt it. It also shows a lot of what Vivien meant without giving away anything at all!

  I like how descriptive the chapters are. They really do set the scene and allow me to feel what they are all feeling. Many different descriptive words are used, no repeated words which makes it very strong. It is a very strong book! Throughout the book little hieroglyphics pop up this is sooo cool!!

 I love Delta and Sam together!!! Delta is beyond hilarious! You can tell she loves him really. I can relate a lot to her. Her character is mysterious but open. I would love to know more about her and her past. I couldn’t imagine Daisy in Delta’s position at all. Wouldn’t even want to imagine!

One thing I liked about this book was how Mina has remained Mina and not ‘ Realm-ish’ at all. Some books I have read turn that main character and adapt them to the circumstance they are in and I don’t like it. I love Mina’s innocence and determination. It’s cute.

One of my happy moments of this book was when Mina and Blake consummate – beautiful and when they return to the training yard, I was in stitches. Absolutely hilarious!

The ending was amazing, confusing. I have so many thoughts; is she or isn’t she? What’s really going on? If Vivien knew, why didn’t she tell Mina? I was panicking! The whole series so far has been so real to me. This one in particular – I had to remind myself its not real! I felt as though I was a reading a biography of Mina’s life!

I rate this 5/5!

Interview with Katie M John – The Knight Trilogy Author!

A few weeks back we had an interview with Katie to find out more about who she is, what the Knight Trilogy has to offer and a few more fun facts!

So who is Katie M John?

> Did you just wake up one day and say ” Hey, I’m going to write a book!”?

 Strangely this was kind of how it happened. I had always thought I would write a book but life got in the way; I always found an excuse and then one day, the story demanded it be written. It was the accumulation of scenes and stories I had been daydreaming about for years.

> Can you tell us a bit about TFoA for those who do not know of it?

 The Forest of Adventures is Book One of The Knight Trilogy. It’s about a seventeen year old college girl called Mina who attends a typical country sixth form college in Cornwall. She has a childhood sweetheart called Sam and she is very determined about where her life is going, that is until the mysterious and handsome Blake Belvedier arrives. It is love at first sight and totally turns her world around.

Her love for Blake finds her increasingly pulled into a magical world she thought only existed in fairytales. But although pretty and magical, The Realm is actually a dark and dangerous place, especially as Mina has attracted the jealousy of Morgan Le Fay.
The story is a rollercoaster ride of emotion that explores the bittersweet love of childhood sweethearts and the passion and pain of love at first sight.

It’s a novel about growing up, loss and consequences.

>  We love the cover! How much input do you have to that side of things?

I had a lot of say in the design of the cover and the overall brand because it is published with a very small press house. In this situation the novel, in its entirety, belongs very much to the author.

The final cover was based on a digital sketch I had produced for it.

> What can you tell us about your next book?

 My next book is Immortal Beloved and is Book Two of The Knight Trilogy. It sees Mina coming to terms with the consequences of the ending to The Forest of Adventures. It is a dark time and deals with some quite heavy and sensitive issues.

There is a shift in the book about a third of the way through which sees Mina travelling to Egypt in order to rescue Blake’s heart. It becomes a classic race against the clock action adventure. Sam and Delta accompany her and it is very much a book about friendship and loyalty.
None of them come back from Egypt the same, each profoundly changed by the experiences that happen.

It plays around with a lot of cool Egyptian myths and ideas and without giving too much away, the story is a reversal of a very famous myth which crosses all the major myth systems.

> Who are your inspirations?

I wouldn’t have been able to write this without the amazing Mallory. His Morte de Arthur directly inspires the trilogy and in fact the title ‘The Forest of Adventures’ is lifted from his work.

I also wouldn’t have sat down to write this if it hadn’t been for the reading of the Twilight Saga. I found something compelling about the world that Meyer created and was intrigued by the effect that her characterisation had on me (okay, it’s no secret that I have a complete Edward crush!!)

The Twilight Saga taught me to embrace the ‘story telling’ element rather than the ‘worthy’. I think she made me realise that there is a way to tell stories, create myths that doesn’t have to be bogged down by over intellectualism. (I mean this as a massive compliment not a criticism)

> You mentioned you love The Hunger Games, we do too! Are you Team Peeta or Team Gale?

 Bit controversial here but I am a team Gale. Peeta is just a little bit too … ‘heroic’ for me; I like my heroes flawed.

> What other books have you read and would recommend to us?

Michael Grant’s ‘Hunger’ trilogy and Maggie Stiefvater’s ‘Mercy Falls series’. I also enjoyed Malinda Lo’s ‘Ash’ but classics too are amazing. Everybody should read Golding’s ‘Lord of The Flies’, Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, Orwell’s‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and Atwoods ‘Handmaids Tale’

> Since, eBooks are becoming so popular, we prefer having a hard copy in our hand, which do you prefer Ebook or paperback?

 I’m a paperback girl but … I am coming around to the idea of a Kindle.

> Do you have any advice for our blog?

No, just keep doing what you’re doing. Blog’s like yours bring books alive.

> Finally, why should people read your book?

People should read my book because it will make you see the magic around you. And to be honest … Blake. He’s reason enough!

The Forest of Adventures Review – By Dayna

The Forest of Adventures – Katie M. John.


For seventeen year old Mina Singer, falling in love with an Arthurian Knight on a white horse was never part of the plan – especially being that she’s an ordinary college girl living in the twenty first century.
As Mina finds herself catapulted into a land she believed only existed in the bedtime stories of her childhood, she soon discovers that Fairyland is not quite as innocent as she imagined.

The question is…who will come out alive?

Haunting, beautiful and sexy, The Forest of Adventures, is a dark romantic quest into the land of true and forbidden love.


Mina and Sam are childhood sweethearts but then she meets the mysterious Blake and her life is completely turned around. He introduces her to a world that she thought was only a legend, a myth. Never in her wildest dreams did she think the Arthurian legend could be real.

Being a fan of the medieval times, I love the magical-ness and romanticism involved in this story and how the Arthurian Legend was cleverly intertwined with modern day. Reading this book I felt like I had been transported into The Realm. I felt like I was right there amongst the knights, the swords, the pavilions and was just itching to wear the gorgeous clothes they wore. I could picture it so vividly in my mind.

I actually like The Realm’s stance on the role of women in their society. They were seen as very powerful and intelligent women. They were respected. If a woman had a baby, everyone would help out so her life wouldn’t change too much and she could still do the things she wants to do. It was only talked about a little in the story but it was just something that stuck in my head.

At first I was torn as to whether Mina should be with Sam or Blake but I think she made the right choice in the end. It didn’t stop me from feeling gutted for the guy that she chose not to be with though. I really felt for him.

Big thanks to Lauren for recommending TFoA to me. She knows my book tastes so well! I’m sure she was pleased that I’d finally read the book so she’d have someone to gossip with about it 🙂 I’d have to completely agree with her about the mercy fight! That was so shocking! I still can’t get over what happened!

I’m still in denial about the ending. I’m choosing to believe that all is not as it seems. I think it’s an evil trick *keeps telling herself that*

Overall, an enthralling read that I want to read again and again! Very excited for the sequel, Immortal Beloved!

I rate this book 5/5.

To find out more visit The Knight Trilogy

Read Lauren’s review HERE

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