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The Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

(please excuse the poor photo quality)

Beatrix Potter is one of my fave children’s authors. I love her stories but I think I love her illustrations even more. – They’re so beautiful. Tonight, when my little girl couldn’t sleep, I decided to read The Tale of Peter Rabbit to her for the first time. She’s now falling asleep. 💤

Even after all these years, I still enjoyed reading it and really felt for poor, naughty, Peter.

It gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling to be so lucky as to have my very own daughter that I can read books to and pass down my childhood favourites to. I really do hope she becomes a book lover just like me.
My apologies for such a short review tonight. Brain is getting sleepy so has given up for the night lol!

Take care, guys,



My Sister Lives on The Mantel Piece – Annabel Pitcher By Lauren

AT ET6 there was a stall giving away free books. I over heard some girls talking about this book so I picked it up and put it in my bag. I didn’t pick I back up until end of November! Image

This story is about a young girl, who was blown up in London terrorism attacks. Left behind was a broken family. Younger brother Jamie tells the story of alcoholism, racism, eating disorders and bullying.

Pitcher wrote this book from Jamie’s perspective and she did it very well. Certain scenes you could tell that she understood children very well. It was a true example of how children perceive things, for instance muslims blew up his sister therefore all muslims were bad. Thats what his family taught him and because thats all he knew, he thought it was true until he met a friend. The family try to deal with grief and being abandoned by the mother, Jamie tells the heart wrenching story and learns many valuable lessons.

I didn’t enjoy this book to begin with I thought it was very slow. Until about 6 chapters when everything was explained. It was only a short book however it was very sad, funny and eye opening. There are many life lessons mentioned in this book and I think its quite educational for a children’s book.

It definitely worth a read if you fancy a quick story. We have a few copies of this to give away in our Christmas Giveaway so check it out and see what else you can win!

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