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Korean style sheet masks, French braid pigtails and Today’s Makeup!

Hey guys! How’s it going? So last night I thought I’d give myself a pampering session and try out a Korean style sheet mask that I’d gotten in one of my Pink Parcel sub boxes a few months back.

Can I just say how delicious it smelled? Made me wanna eat my own face haha!

Face mask on! Not the most flattering of looks, I know.

I had to wait 20 mins for the mask to work its magic. Then take it off, gently pat the left over gel into my face, and rinse off. It claims to be moisturising and brightening, and it smooths and tightens the skin. My face didn’t feel any tighter but it certainly moisturised it and it looked smooth. I can’t get over how soft my skin felt!! Even Aled commented on how soft it was! Would definitely use this mask again!

I figured washing my hair AFTER the face mask would be an ideal time to do it. After I washed my hair I decided I’d have a go at French braiding my hair. I have to say, I haven’t done this in years and years! I attempted French braided pigtails. I probably haven’t done this since college so that really is quite some years ago! Whenever I do my own hair, I never use a mirror. My eyes get confused haha. So I do it blind. And I don’t use a comb either when I French braid my own hair. It’s just too fiddly! I can do it on other people though because I can see what I’m doing! Anyway, it took me about 10 minutes to do (I had to backtrack a couple of times because it was too loose on places or I’d missed some hair) and I was pretty pleased with the outcome!

I left them in overnight so that my hair would be curly when I took them out today. Have to admit, I kinda didn’t wanna take them out lol. I quite liked them! Thought I would also put a little bit of makeup on today so went for a natural look. Used my ABH Modern Renaissance palette today and I loved how my eyeshadow turned out but sadly didn’t get a decent pic of it because it wasn’t until I’d taken my pics that I’d realised I’d bodged up my eyeliner. Oops! Also wearing my fave lippy today: Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick in Celebrity Skin. 

Makeup on, now time to take those French braided pigtails out!

Snapchat fun!

I was quite impressed with how the curls turned out! Think I’ll be doing this again for sure! My hair has gotten so long! It’s in dire need of a cut and plenty of layers put back in!

That’s all for today guys. Take care!

My favourite eyeshadow palette – Morphe 35F.

Photo taken from the Morphe Brushes website

Hey all! How’s your Friday? Today I thought I’d have a play with my Morphe 35F palette and share the look. I actually think I love this palette more than my ABH Modern Renaissance palette! There isn’t much fallout from the Morphe eyeshadows (unlike Modern Renaissance) and they are sooo buttery and easy to work with!

There are some really gorgeous shades in this palette. Perfect for autumn time! I love wearing them any time of the year though. The palette is currently available from Beauty Bay for £22.50. If you’re after a new eyeshadow palette then definitely check out the Morphe ones. I’d loooove to get more! Do any of you own a Morphe palette? Which ones do you have? 

Medusa’s Makeup Lipstick Review. 

Hey guys! How’s your Tuesday going? Today I’m going to talk about a great cruelty free cosmetics brand called Medusa’s Makeup. Their products are also vegan friendly. Yay! I first discovered this brand on Facebook! I was drawn to their bright lipstick/eyeshadow shades and, most importantly, that they are vegan. They were kind enough to send me a lipstick to review (you may have seen my previous post) and,  just so you know, all opinions are my own. 😀 I would never be dishonest about a product that I’m reviewing. Now, on to the review… 

Above I am wearing Medusa’s lipstick in the shade Triple X. The bright pink is quite the show stopper and will certainly get you noticed! The formulation is gorgeous and so creamy! It’s so moisturising and the pigmentation is amazing! After taking this pic I blotted it and had something to eat and drink and the colour was still so bright! As you can see below:

As you can see, it’s faded a little at the edges and towards the middle of my lips but it’s still going strong! I’d say I had to reapply about 3 hours after the first application which is actually quite good going in my opinion. Overall, I really love this lippy and would definitely like try out more shades!

Medusa’s Makeup also do a monthly subscription box. How fab is that?! You guys know I looove me a subscription box! Would definitely consider buying one of these in the future!
You should pop on by to Medusa’s Makeup and check their products out for yourself! Their prices are really affordable and for us who don’t live in the US it’s free international delivery on orders over $40.

MOTD – Jeffree Star’s Androgyny eyeshadow palette and liquid lipstick in Celebrity Skin 

It’s been a while since I talked about anything beauty related (my favourite thing next to reading) so I thought I’d share a look I recently did using Jeffree Star’s Androgyny eyeshadow palette and his velour liquid lipstick in Celebrity Skin. I adore this vegan makeup brand. His eyeshadow palettes are super pigmented and his liquid lipsticks stay on for hours. Celebrity Skin is definitely my favourite out of the lippy shades.

E.L.F – The End of An Era?!


 The future of e.l.f cosmetics seems unsure after the news that the co-founders of Distribeauty, Neil Phillips and Jo Westlake – who distributed e.l.f’s products in the UK and most of Europe – have decided to part ways with the brand. I am so sad to hear this news, although I am excited to find out what ventures Distribeauty have in store for the future. I just hope that e.l.f can find a way to carry on.

Here is Distribeauty’s statement.

What’s your reaction to the news?

Beauty Products I’m Excited About!

As you may know by now, I love discovering new beauty products especially if they are animal cruelty free and/or holistic. There are a few products that I have come across recently that I’m really excited to try.

Móa The Green Balm

Móa The Green Balm is a 100% natural healing balm used to soothe, nourish and renew the skin. It’s a hard-working multi-tasker, that helps nourish and hydrate dry skin, resuscitate lack-lustre locks and can be used a daily cleansing balm, to balance oily or dry skin and remove residucal make-up and grime. It can also be used to soothe bites, grazes, bruises and eczema, or as an aftercare product for tattoos and piercings. Suitable for super-sensitive skin.
This seems to be quite the all-rounder as far as beauty products go. Apparently it can also lessen the appearance of dark circles around the eyes! I’ve purchased this from Feel Unique which have an even more in-depth description of it here!

Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream

Great for dryness, sensitivity and puffiness this Eye Cream is surprisingly moisturising considering its non-greasy, lightweight texture and one tube lasts for ages. Daily Revitalising Eye Cream contains vitamin rich Sea Buckthorn, moisturising Avocado, Jojoba, Almond, Macadamia and then Marsh Mallow and Pineapple to regenerate and hydrate your eye contour area.

Speaking of eyes, I recently said in a post that I don’t use eye cream but that I probably should. After having a browse through all kinds of eye creams of varying prices, I settled on this; Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream. I’m really intrigued to know if it will help combat the puffiness that I get. It seems that no matter how much sleep I get, I can never get rid of the puffiness. So I can’t wait to see if this does the trick. Again, this is another product that I’ve purchased from Feel Unique. I recently received a £5 voucher from them so I used it to knock some of the price off so that it was a little cheaper.

Another eye cream that I wouldn’t mind trying at some point is the Yes To Grapefruit Uneven Skin Tone Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream.

Yes To Grapefruit Uneven Skin Tone Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream is a lightweight eye treatment that is clinically proven to help visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles in four weeks, naturally! This cream is formulated with Grapefruit, which is packed with Lycopene and fruit acids that help fade age spots and increase luminosity, Licorice Root, which calms and soothes skin inflammation and helps combat dark circles around the eyes. Have any of you tried it? I’d love to know what you think of it.

GinVera Exfoliating Marvel Gel With Green Tea

Ginvera Marvel Gel is the most popular blackhead treatment in Asia where skin quality is king. It is a very different exfoliant and extractor because there are no abrasive grains, it is gentle enough to use on sensitive, blemish-prone skin but with noticeable results after just one use. The fact that it also has anti-ageing effects means that this mask is a great answer to the all-too-common problem of adult acne.
This, I’m very excited about. Normally, I like an exfoliator to have tiny grains of some kind as that’s the only way I feel would get rid of all the dirt and grime but this stuff has me intrigued! When I get paid, I’m going to purchase it and see what it’s like.

Have you guys tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

If there is anything you would like me to review, drop me an email at:

My Souksouk Little Green Beauty Box Is Here!

Just like with the sleep box I blogged about, I was so excited when I saw this was waiting for me!

What lush things did I get in it this time? Here’s a list:


And a pic of all the lovely goodies that the list talks about:


And a close up of the Glam 3-in-1 Lipsuite in Rose Pink:



It claims to be a lip balm, colour and gloss all-in-one. So can’t wait to try that out.

I am particularly excited to try the Calendula Cream as I suffer from eczema. So, with it being all natural ingredients, I really hope it works. Plus, it smells divine!


I love that Souksouk introduces me to brands I’ve never even heard of before.

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