My favourite eyeshadow palette – Morphe 35F.

Photo taken from the Morphe Brushes website

Hey all! How’s your Friday? Today I thought I’d have a play with my Morphe 35F palette and share the look. I actually think I love this palette more than my ABH Modern Renaissance palette! There isn’t much fallout from the Morphe eyeshadows (unlike Modern Renaissance) and they are sooo buttery and easy to work with!

There are some really gorgeous shades in this palette. Perfect for autumn time! I love wearing them any time of the year though. The palette is currently available from Beauty Bay for £22.50. If you’re after a new eyeshadow palette then definitely check out the Morphe ones. I’d loooove to get more! Do any of you own a Morphe palette? Which ones do you have? 


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  1. Such a glorious look, love how shiny that golden shade is (:


  2. This look is super pretty! I always stray away from these kinds of palettes, maybe I should try this. I do have the morphe 12NB and the 12S though 🙂

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  3. I love this palette!! So good!👍🏻


  4. I love this palette! So good! 👍🏻👍🏻


  5. I’ve been meaning to get one of their matte palettes and their Zodiac palette. Have you tried any of the Zoeva palettes? They’re also relatively inexpensive but have amazing pigment. I’m after their smoky palette next.

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  6. New Life Fresh You

    Love that colours 😍😍.

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