Medusa’s Makeup Lipstick Review. 

Hey guys! How’s your Tuesday going? Today I’m going to talk about a great cruelty free cosmetics brand called Medusa’s Makeup. Their products are also vegan friendly. Yay! I first discovered this brand on Facebook! I was drawn to their bright lipstick/eyeshadow shades and, most importantly, that they are vegan. They were kind enough to send me a lipstick to review (you may have seen my previous post) and,  just so you know, all opinions are my own. 😀 I would never be dishonest about a product that I’m reviewing. Now, on to the review… 

Above I am wearing Medusa’s lipstick in the shade Triple X. The bright pink is quite the show stopper and will certainly get you noticed! The formulation is gorgeous and so creamy! It’s so moisturising and the pigmentation is amazing! After taking this pic I blotted it and had something to eat and drink and the colour was still so bright! As you can see below:

As you can see, it’s faded a little at the edges and towards the middle of my lips but it’s still going strong! I’d say I had to reapply about 3 hours after the first application which is actually quite good going in my opinion. Overall, I really love this lippy and would definitely like try out more shades!

Medusa’s Makeup also do a monthly subscription box. How fab is that?! You guys know I looove me a subscription box! Would definitely consider buying one of these in the future!
You should pop on by to Medusa’s Makeup and check their products out for yourself! Their prices are really affordable and for us who don’t live in the US it’s free international delivery on orders over $40.


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  1. That shade is poppin! So pretty (: I’ll totally check this brand out soon

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  2. Ooh, I didn’t know that they do a subscription box! I was looking into beauty subscription boxes yesterday but wasn’t entirely won over by the ones I’d found on Google. I shall definitely be checking Medusa out, thanks.

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    • Yeah they do. Wouldn’t mind giving it a go myself. I’ve signed up to a few beauty sub boxes in the past. Currently back with Birch Box atm. xx

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      • How have you found the Birch Box? I’ve heard that they tend to put quite a few sample sizes products in rather than full size. A friend of mine had Glossy Box going for about 12 months but kept getting a lot of repeat products, which puts me off. She also got a lot hair products – which wouldn’t be a lot of good to me because I have dreads and use specific products for them.

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      • Yeah you get one or two full size and the rest are samples. Seems to be the way with most beauty sub boxes tbh. I like Birch Box but sometimes it’s a bit hit and miss. Pink Parcel is one of my fave sub boxes. That’s def worth checking out if you fancy a bit of cheering up around that time of the month. xx

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