Disgusted with Sainsburys

The other day my mum found out that Sainsburys had a sale on some of their perfumes. She thought it a fab idea to get a few for people for Christmas so she headed on over to the website to check it out. She ordered 6 perfumes (4 women’s and 2 men’s) and the total came to something like £38. Bargain! To knock the delivery charge down, she also ordered a few cans of food so that the order was at least £40 with £2 delivery.


Today the order came. It was mum’s first order from Sainsburys and so the delivery guy was super apologetic because pretty much everything was substituted! All the perfumes were different. Not only that, but they only sent 5! And instead of it being 4 women’s and 2 men’s, it was 2 women’s and 3 men’s! Oh, and the crutch of it? Instead of only paying £38 for the perfumes, they’d charged her £109!!!! They had given her alternates at FULL PRICE!! I am disgusted! I have heard that supermarkets send alternatives but why the hell should you expect the customer to pay more for something they didn’t even order?! Not only that, but you have no right to then go and debit a larger amount from their bank account without their permission! What if the person doesn’t have a great deal of money in the bank but decided to spend the last of it before pay day? They would then get overdrawn and possibly face charges! Sainsburys didn’t think about that now, did they?!

  (Her email of the order. The total came to £42.75 inc delivery)

 Suffice to say, my mum was furious and gave the poor customer service guy hell on the phone when she rang them to complain. She’s asked for them to come collect the whole order and to be given a refund. They claim they are going to investigate the incident and will give her a call tomorrow.

I can tell you for a fact that that is the first and last time we will be shopping online at Sainsburys!


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  1. NotQuiteLondon

    That’s disgusting! I hope she gets a full refund.


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