Matte Eyeshadow palette – Recommendations needed.

Hi all! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far. Personally, I’m longing for the weekend. As always.

I was wondering if any of you could help me. I am on the look-out for a matte eyeshadow palette but not sure which to go for. I’ve looked at so many from all kinds of price ranges. I nearly bought a cheap one by W7 but there were mixed reviews and some claiming that the pigmentation was poor so that got a thumbs down from me. I thought about getting one of the Naked Basic palettes and even fell in love with a quad palette by Charlotte Tilbury but in both cases ummed and ahhed due to their price tag. I don’t mind paying it – if it’s worth it. So this is where you guys come in … what would you suggest? Be they affordable or expensive, what palette is your holy grail?


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  1. I don’t have one of those palettes, but I hear two of my colleagues talk about the Naked palette all the time. They even can’t wait when there is a new release for a new edition of one of the Naked Palettes. haha, but like i said, i don’t use those expencive eyeshadows. My opinion is that you can find pretty eyeshadows for a lot less money hihi. Good luck with choosing the right one! (:


    • Thank you. Oh don’t worry I’m not necessarily saying the ones I’ve mentioned are the only ones I want. Any other suggestions are welcome. I’m always out for a bargain and if there’s a cheap alternative that still gives great pigment pay-off, I’m all for it. 😀

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      • haha that’s great! I live in the Netherlands and i’m a big fan of the essence,- and Catrice line. Don’t know if they sell it in your country. Besides that, I loveeee L’oreal and Maybelline for the lipsticks hihi. But this article is about eyeshadow, not about lipsticks 🙂 – But, if the naked palette is on sale, I once want to buy it, just to try and to know if it’s really that good like people say it is. Definatelly going for the nude palette. (:


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