I’ve been reading a fair bit about this teatoxing lark lately and thought it a great healthy way to detox and cleanse your body so thought I’d give it a try. I’ve heard there are some Teatox regimes that require you not to eat but I decided to try the Bootea Teatox (£34.99 one time purchase for a 28 day detox but there is the option of doing the 14 day plan. It can also be subscription based which is a little bit cheaper and they send you the Teatox every 6 weeks) which requires you to eat like you normally do – a healthy calorie controlled diet, of course – alongside a daytime tea in the morning, every morning, and a bedtime tea every other night. I think one of the main reasons you have to do that with the bedtime tea is because it contains Senna which works like a mild laxative. Admittedly, this is one of the things that drew me to this particular Teatox. I’ve always had problems with my tummy and bowels so I was curious as to whether it would work for me (other things in the past haven’t). It has also been claimed that the Teatox may help a person lose weight – another thing that had me intrigued. In the past year I’d put on shy of a stone – they say love does that to ya lol – so I wanted to see if the same would happen to me.

Week 1.
Start weight: 8st 9lb.
I’m not sure I feel any different after taking the daytime tea (which I found the taste to be a little bland, maybe, but not unpleasant). After the first time of taking the bedtime tea (which, by the way, I liked even more than the daytime tea. I think it’s the peppermint that I liked), it took around 12 hours before I noticed any physical effect. Without being too … graphic … It was easier to go to the loo. By the third time of taking the bedtime tea … oh, boy, it had really kicked in. It took about 8 hours for it to take affect. Let me tell you, it’s like a colonic irrigation in teabag form. Which, personally, I thought was great. At least it means you don’t have to go through all that discomfort that a tube up your arse would bring! Be prepared, you may be on the loo for a while. Another thing that I like about the bedtime tea is that it made me drowsy about half an hour after taking it which lead to the most amazing sleep ever. I’ve struggled with my sleep for years and years so was thrilled to finally get a peaceful night’s sleep!
Week 2.
Things are still going well although I’ve noticed that I’m getting trapped wind. However, this could just be coincidental. The one thing I’ve noticed is that the Teatox suppresses my appetite. For example, my boyfriend and I went to our favourite restaurant, Frankie and Benny’s, for Valentine’s Day and I got half way through my pasta dish to find I was full! For dessert we ALWAYS have brownies and ice cream (it is to die for!) but, again, I just didn’t want to eat it all! This is unusual for me because I can usually eat it within minutes regardless of how much I’ve eaten prior to it! 
Weeks 3 & 4.
I’ve put weeks 3 and 4 together because there wasn’t too much to report. I found I was still getting trapped wind and also acid reflux. That week I did notice that if you have something naughty to eat *cough* like pizza on a Friday night for example *cough* and then have the bedtime tea that evening before bed, trust me, it’ll be telling you off the morning after! I was actually quite poorly and wasn’t sure if I wanted to be sick or the other and nearly fainted. Sorry to be so blunt. I was more than likely dehydrated as it was early in the morning so I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink at that point. It’s advised that you drink plenty of water after taking the bedtime tea which unfortunately I hadn’t. Despite that little glitch, I have no regrets about doing this Teatox. It has made me feel more awake, motivated and energised and, if the pizza incident is anything to go by, it has clearly done a good job of cleansing my body from the inside. I also feel happier in myself! When it came to taking the last of my tea last week, I felt quite sad that I was finishing it as for me it really worked. But it’s an awful lot of money to spend every 6 weeks. However, I would definitely like to do it again in the future. Maybe every couple of months when pay day comes around. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go. If you do, or already have, let me know how you got on. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Oh and after I finished my Teatox, I weighed myself. My finished weight was 8st 5lb! So I lost 4lb! Yay go me!

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  1. Great to hear it worked for you! I hear many detoxes really refreshes your body. I consider looking into them from time to time but always wonder what kind of results I’m looking at. Very interested to possibly giving this a try after I have this baby!

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