Queen and Adam Lambert 27th Feb 2015. The Last Night of the Tour!

Me in my VIPwees Queen tee.

The gig was absolutely amazing – beyond amazing! – and the best I’ve ever been to! They. Were. Phenomenal! Adam Lambert really blew me away. His vocal range … OH…My…God! *sighs and drools* And, can I just say, he was looking so hot! Especially when he wore his leather trousers and jacket combo showing a bare chest. Ooft! I’ve wanted to see him perform ever since he first auditioned on American Idol! I rooted for him the whole way through!

I think I’d be right in saying that seeing Queen was a dream come true for all of us. I think we all got a little emotional lol. Just a shame Freddie wasn’t there but I reckon he’d be damn proud of the amazing job Adam did! Plus Adam is a flamboyant as Freddie was. He was the perfect singer for Queen – second after Freddie of course! 😀

Freddie didn’t go unforgotten and it was touching when Brian May and Roger Taylor sang their solos with Freddie shown on the major projector at the back of the stage (sadly we couldn’t quite see this from where we were sat but we knew he was there) and then clips of him were shown on the projectors either side of the stage.

Was so awesome when they had him singing as well as Adam during a song. I won’t lie, I got all teary.
At one point during the night, Adam was nattering away to Brian in an English accent. It was hilarious! It reminded me and my sister of Lee Evans’ accent, actually! Brian May had a selfie video stick. It was so cool! You’d see his hand playing the guitar or the other members of the band or the crowd from his perspective and he even he got us all to do a Mexican wave!

It was so awesome when Roger Taylor and his son had a drum off (Yep his son was playing the drums at times, like when Roger did his solo).

Omg when Bohemian Rhapsody came on near the end, my sister, dad and I all went crazy and we totally did the scene out of Wayne’s World lol! We Are The Champions was the last song they sung and then God Save the Queen played them out.

My dad dressed as Freddie Mercury for the night. So many people asked to have photos with him! I think he was a little overwhelmed by it all lol. 

My dad and mum.

Me and my sister. 😄

A truly unforgettable and magical night!
Sorry about the quality of the photos. They’d been taken using my phone.

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  1. so jealous! Would love to travel back in time and see Freddie live at his best


  2. Wow! You’re so lucky! I didn’t even know they were touring. I’d die a million deaths to see Queen play live!


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