My Kindle case/cover dilemma: update!

I just realised that I still hadn’t blogged about which cover I’d chosen for my Kindle. After a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing, to-ing and fro-ing between which case I wanted the most – to be honest I wanted them all! – I eventually settled on the book-style cover. However, I did not go for The Secret Garden cover, I instead chose Pride & Prejudice! And look how pretty it is:

I really do love it! My Kindle is now snuggly safe and sound, held in place by a rubber case which is attached to the book-style outer. So I can finally start using it knowing it’s less likely to break if I drop it, yaaaaay! I still might have to buy another, though, so that I can swap and change and maybe buy one of those kindle bags, too! Hah instead of collecting bags or shoes, I could collect Kindle cases lol!


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Hi I'm Dayna. I love to read and shop! Books, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Love all things handmade. I beta/proofread and review products upon request.

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  1. That’s gorgeous! 🙂 I’ve just got a plain black leather case on mine. Maybe I should look into changing it!

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  2. The Happy Typewriter

    Wow, that is sooo pretty. I didn’t know you could get cases, or such pretty ones, for them. Makes me want to get a kindle even more – hehe!

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  3. I love this so much!!! I need one too 🙂


  4. Where did you get those? I loveeeee them!!


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