Disgusted with Paypal and how they handle investigations!

Paypal claim that their investigations are thorough but I find that hard to believe. A few days ago I had a bad experience with a buyer who’d bought something from me on Ebay. Back in November 2014 they had bought a designer bag and left me really nice feedback saying how happy they were:

(Third one down)

Fast forward to 13th January 2015 and all of a sudden I have a claim against me through Paypal! I thought it was a spoof email at first until I tried to buy something! The claim stated that the bag wasn’t as described, that the leather was worn and that the bag wasn’t the real deal because the studs were not LV studs.

1. I had mentioned in my listing about the wear of the bag and that it was like that when I bought it.
2. There are no studs on the bag!!!
3. They bought the bag 2 months ago(!) so why are they only just complaining now, especially as they left me good feedback?!?!

I basically said all of this in my response and included pictures of evidence supporting my case. In the mean time, PayPal ignored all this and said that buyer will return the bag to me. The bag came back yesterday … damaged! The stitching had been picked at! This morning I appealed my case and said about the stitching. To no avail. They are still in favour of the buyer! I am absolutely disgusted with it all and to be honest, I think the responses from PayPal are just automatic responses and that they haven’t looked into the case at all! Otherwise they would have realised that the buyer wasn’t legit and that more than likely they were short on cash so thought they’d try and make some money back! Also, I appealed today and it was a speedy quick response. In a job like that, who works on a Sunday??

Infuriated does not even begin to describe how I feel!

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


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