All for animal cruelty free cosmetics.

I’m really against animal cruelty so always, to the best of my knowledge, buy cruelty free products.

Today, whilst having a nose on Instagram, I discovered a new (to me) cosmetic brand called Wildly Natural Cosmetics.

IMG_2457.JPG(Photo is from the Wildly Natural Cosmetics site)

They are cruelty free and some of their products are even vegan friendly!Which, awesome! After checking out all their products, I ended up purchasing several sample pots of different pigment colours. They look so vivid! I love that you have the option of buying sample pots ($2 each) because it means you can try several colours at a fraction of the cost so that you can find out which colours you do/don’t like and can then purchase the full-size version next time. I’ve just popped on to their site again and noticed that samples of their foundation are free (grr wish I’d known that before I made my order). They don’t have much in way of Lip products but I’m sure they will have in time to come.To say the brand is based in the US, postage to the UK was very reasonable, too (I paid $7 and purchased 7 pigment samples)!

If you love your makeup and you love your animals then definately check this brand out.

Oh, side note: If you’re not sure what to click on to view all their products and not just the nail polish, click on the menu symbol which is the two white lines in the black banner above the pic of the nail polish. – I had to explain this to my friend when she said all she could see was nail polishes.


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  1. Hello! Thank you for this awesome post! I sent you an email yesterday and just wanted to see if you received it 🙂


  2. I found your post thanks to Google alerts and would be happy to include a foundation sample pack with your order. Would you like light, medium or dark?


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