A Step Too Far.

I feel a little disturbed after reading an author’s article about her stalkerish antics. Whilst I sympathise with her that she was attacked by a catfishing troll who wrote hateful reviews and also beat down anyone who disagreed with her (the troll, that is), I don’t condone the author getting all obsessive compulsive about it all, stalking the troll online and suspecting that a Facebook page under a different name was also the troll. The author even went to such lengths as to pay for a background check on the woman! This then shockingly lead to her going to the troll’s house! And THEN tracking the troll’s workplace phone number down and calling her to out her as a catfish! That’s just crazy! Who does that?! She has balls, though, I’ll give her that.

The moral of the story is: If you get a hateful review that is in no way constructive criticism, ignore it! It is a pointless review that doesn’t need a moment’s more of your time. They’re just put there by idiots who like to hurt and upset people just to try and get a rise out of them because they get off on it.

My blog post is just a brief run down of what happened, you can read the actual article here.


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