Review: Bluebell Cottage


Title: Bluebell Cottage
Author: Heather M.J.L. Watson
Published: 21st Oct 2010
Publisher: HandE Publishers
Format: Paperback


Keely McCree needs to escape a painful memory, so she traces her family back to Ireland.

Her idea of relaxation and going on lots of walks around the park with her dog Tina are unexpectedly shattered as she tumbles head first into a world unknown. Before long Keely becomes the unwitting cause of a great war between the Irish and Welsh Fairy tribes.

A meeting with a dark handsome stranger, a deceitful friend and a journey into a mythical land could leave Keely with the hardest decision to make of her life.

Follow Keely as battles between different worlds commence, choices need to be made and fantasy stories become real life.

Considering it is only just over 200 pages long, I thought I’d finish it in no time at all and thought it the perfect companion for my 7-8 hour train journey to Wales last Friday. Turns out, it took me a lot longer to read as it was slow going and didn’t really pick up the pace.

It is written in first person from two people’s point of view, which I like -mostly Keely’s, though Rob has a brief spot- but my problem is, they are both written in exactly the same way! If it hadn’t stated that Rob was talking about Keely then you wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. If it is going to be written in first person from two people’s POV then at least inject a little personality so that the reader can tell the difference between the two. Ugh! The romance between Keely and Regan (a handsome Irish Sidhe prince) was developed too quickly, as was Rob’s unrequited love for Keely – and he fell out of love just as quickly. I felt that the characters conceded far too easily. This happened many times throughout the book which got really annoying. For example, Rob is being held captive by Mab, the Welsh Sidhe queen. He hadn’t made a decision about becoming her slave and demands to see Keely who is being held captive elsewhere. Mab simply replies, “Robert, if I agree to let you see Keely, afterwards you must make your decision. Is that clear?” To which he replies, “Crystal!” I was expecting more of a fight, you know? More of an argument. Speaking of “fight”, there was meant to be this big showdown between the Irish and the Welsh sidhe but you don’t get to see any of this as both Keely and Rob are safely tucked up back home in the human world. Instead, this is very briefly recounted by Keely’s love interest, Regan, upon his return from fighting in the battle. I was gutted by this as it was so anticlimactic. I was expecting to be right in the thick of it, experiencing what the characters were experiencing throughout the fight, but nope, it was nothing like that.

I really, really wanted to like this but I didn’t. 😦 I was so disappointed. I thought the idea behind the story was great and was really looking forward to reading it as I love reading about the Sidhe, but the content was weak and bland. Reading it was kinda like reading a first draft of a story before the author then goes back through it to pad it out and add more depth, detail and character development to the story. So much more detail could have gone into this. Especially the mythological background of the Sidhe. I was looking forward to that more than anything else. It’s such a shame the book was a letdown because there was potential there for it to be amazing.

I would also like to add that for some strange reason, the bookshop I bought this from had put it in the 9-12 years section. Now, yes there’s mild romance, there’s no sex, not really any violence, and no swearing BUT that does not make it a book aimed at children aged 9-12 years when the characters are in their late 20s to mid 30s! *sigh*


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