Talk to me whilst I’m reading, I’ll hit you with my book!

Ok, so earlier on there was this freakish guy who insisted on talking to me whilst I was reading. Gah! I’m reading! Does that say, “Please talk to me, I’m lonely”? No! It says, “I am quite happy in my little book bubble with my little book friends to keep me company. Now, go away!” I have no idea who he was, but I barely got any reading done as he was so insistent on trying to drag me away from my book, and then he goes, “Oh, it’s taking you ages to read that one page.” Yeah, coz you keep freaking talking to me! Now, shhh! Ugh! And THEN he was reading the chapter title and trying to come up with a movie plot for it. What even?! Argh! Thankfully, I was literally saved by the bell when my boyfriend rang me during his lunch break. Phew! Too short-a-call, though, because once I got off the phone, the guy picked up where he left off. *sigh* I was so relieved to get off that bus a few mins later.

Moral of the story? DO NOT TALK TO ME WHILST I’M READING!!!!


About Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers

Hi I'm Dayna. I love to read and shop! Books, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Love all things handmade. I beta/proofread and review products upon request.

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  1. I guess people who do not read can not understand the importance of peace and quiet.

    Sorry you had to experience that. I can’t even imagine what my reaction would have been 🙂


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