S Club 7 reunion: Bradley, Tina, Jo, Paul, Rachel, Hannah and Jon – BEFORE AND AFTER

Cheesy pop is my guilty pleasure (I am normally a Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Green Day -et al- loving girl but, hey, we all have a past). I loved S Club 7 back in the day way back when I was a teen (I even loved their TV shows and the movies!) and I am so thrilled to hear about this reunion!


S Club 7 in 2000 (Picture: PA) S Club 7 stars (L-R) Bradley, Tina, Jo, Paul, Rachel, Hannah AND Jon, pictured here in 2000, are reuniting. Yes, really (Picture: PA)

It’s been a whopping FIFTEEN years since S Club 7 released Bring It All Back, the theme tune to their (s)hit show Miami 7, and their longstanding fans (now heading in to their mid-twenties) are as excited as ever.

Paul Cattermole, Bradley McIntosh and Jo O’Meara have been have been doing the rounds for a while now but Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt AND Rachel Stevens are allegedly all on board this time around. Yay!

However, it’s pretty clear that some of the magic seven are in better nick than others. And because everyone loves a good before and after shot, here’s what S Club 7 are looking like nowadays…

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2014/08/12/its-confirmed-people-s-club-7-are-bringing-it-all-back-4830067/” title=”It’s confirmed people – S Club 7 ARE bringing it all back”]

Tina’s doing her dance…

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