Nine S Club 7 songs that meant so much to us way back when

Oh this really takes me back! Now their songs are stuck in my head.


S Club 7 in 2000 (Picture: PA) We can’t wait for S Club to bring it all back (Picture: PA)

Okay, so we are SERIOUSLY excited about the return of S Club 7. The band meant, like, everything to us when we were kids.

Where would we have been without fancying Bradley, envying Jo’s voice and wanting Rachel’s clothes?

But, more importantly, the band provided us with songs that actually meant something to our lives. We take a fond look back at just how meaningful those chart-toppers were to us, back in Year 6…

1. Reach

Before any celebs were telling us to ‘follow our dreams’ and all that cheesy shebang, S Club 7 were telling us to ‘climb every mountain,’ ‘reach for the stars’ and ‘follow your heart’s desire’.

The band’s catchy, still-popular anthem gave us the strength to power through those tough Year 6 end of year exams knowing that if we just strove…

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