It’s official: Dogs are much nicer than humans

Awwww. Well I choose to believe that the dog was trying to save the dying fish. Bless.


A video of a dog desperately splashing water on dying fish is definitive proof that dogs are nicer than humans.

In the video, entitled ‘dog with a heart of gold’, the pooch pushes water with his nose onto the fish in an apparent attempt to revive the dead creatures – but in vain.

The dog, which was discovered in the city Phetchaburi in Thailand, looks confused and upset as his attempts to save the fish seem not to work.

At one point the sympathetic mutt even gently prods a fish with his nose as if to try and wake it up.

(Picture: Ertugrul Hayta/YouTube) Proof: Dogs are nicer than humans (Picture: Ertugrul Hayta/YouTube)

Having said all that… some dog owners commenting on the video have pointed out that it is entirely possible the dog is simply trying to bury the fish to stop other animals from eating them – in a similar way that it buries bones – but…

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