Amazon Vs Hatchette

Ok, so I’ve been seeing a fair few blog posts about the whole Amazon Vs Hatchette debate. My 2 pennies worth? If Hatchette want to be greedy enough to charge those prices then let them, it’s their business after all. If people want to pay those prices then more fool them. Time will tell if it has hurt Hatchette’s pockets. What Amazon have to realise is that asking readers to boycott Hatchatte is also hurting the authors and that’s not fair.

Personally, I won’t be paying Hatchette’s prices. It’s a frigging ebook for crying out loud! It doesn’t cost anything to produce. All they have to do once it’s submitted is sit back and reap the rewards! At a push I’ll pay £3 for an ebook. At. A. Push. Usually the max I’ll pay is. £2. Because, like I say, it’s an ebook! It’s digital! It’s not physical! You can not hold it in your hands and feel the pages between your fingers, so I don’t feel it’s worth paying nearly the amount you’d pay for a paperback.

Anyhoo, that’s my 2 pennies worth.


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