Review: Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 1


Title: Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 1
Author: Adina West
Published: 3rd July 2014
Publisher: Momentum
Format: Ebook


Kat Chanter isn’t your ordinary girl. And she isn’t your ordinary vampire, either. The ruthless Directorate would go to any lengths to have her power – including murder. And when that leads to a war between races, Kat’s fate becomes the ultimate prize …

Kat is done with being on the run, or so she hopes. A new pathology job in Paris is her big chance to start afresh, far from the Tabérin Directorate who want her dead. Sure, adjusting to life as a half-vampire, half-human hybrid in transition poses its own challenges, but it’s nothing Kat can’t handle … until the past starts to catch up with her.

When she’s approached by one Tabérin male from her past, she can explain it away. But add in another territorial Tabérin with a newfound conscience and it’s starting to get crowded on Kat’s Montmartre window ledge. Past experience tells Kat to be cautious, especially in her vulnerable state. But how can she tell friend from foe?

I have really mixed feelings about this book and in the beginning I had a few problems with it; I found it hard to connect with a couple of the characters and it lacked detail in a general sense and also when describing the main characters. It was all just very….vague. For quite a way into the story I had no idea what the main character, Kat, was or what she was transitioning into, and only by the blurb did I know that she was half vampire, half human hybrid. This was not explained in detail in the story. A few times I found myself feeling a little clueless about what was going on. I wanted to know more of the backstory, something that explained what the characters were part of, why Kat was running away from some kind of group called the Tabérin Directorate (again, this was explained in the blurb but not in detail in the book), and what had happened to Kat for it to be described as “….her life went to hell in a hand basket a couple of weeks ago”? I really would have liked that to have been elaborated on. Instead, it was just a brief recalling.

This is actually a sequel to the series “Dark child: Awakening” so if you haven’t read that then I definitely don’t recommend reading this first.

I really liked that it was written from four characters PoVs: Kat, Ben, Dominic and Imara’s and I wondered if their paths would cross. Paranormal is my favourite sub-genre so I love that vampires, shifters and witches were in it. There was an air of intrigue and mystery about the story that had you wanting to know more. Although I initially thought the story was lacking in detail and was quite vague, as the story goes on, it does unravel some more and you’re told more about what happened in the past and a little more about the characters. I found that I was drawn more to Ben and Imara’s story than Kat and Dominic’s. Although Dominic and Kat did begin to grow on me. Despite my negative feelings, by the time I’d got to the end of the book, I’d found that I had enjoyed it and really wanted to find out what happened next. Especially with Yara who was Ben’s love interest. Why was she drinking the blood? Was she born that way or made? And what was she exactly? A witch, vampire, or shifter? Why was she being held captive in her own home? I was also interested to know where Falcon goes off to as he seems really secretive. I’m hoping there’ll be answers in the next episode of the Covens Rising series.


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