Abi Alton, Amazing Songstress.

Ever since seeing Abi Alton on X Factor last year, I was desperate for her to release some new material so the other day I turned to iTunes to see if she had released anything since leaving X Factor.

If you don’t know who she is then here’s a video of her singing a song she wrote:

To my dismay, she hadn’t but I was thrilled when I came across her album “Simple Truth” which I noticed had been released in 2012 – before she was auditioned for X Factor. The album is amazing! For anyone who likes Taylor Swift, Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch or Lisa Loeb, this girl is for you. In fact, Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” would have been a perfect cover for Abi on X Factor. Abi has the kind of voice that is sweet and beautiful and reaches right into your soul, touches your heart, and refuses to leave. When I listen to her it makes my heart flutter with joy and makes me tingle all over. I get butterflies in my tummy every time I listen to her. I love lyrics that are beautifully written, thoughtful and relatable and Abi has this down to a T. I was so thrilled to have come across this album on iTunes. I only hope she brings out some new material soon and that it’s typically her, that she hasn’t changed her sound just to suit those music producer folk.


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  1. I really like watching the X Factor for this reason exactly. You get to watch raw talent, some that haven’t been tainted by the record label to produce only what sells albums. Thanks for sharing. I invite you to check out my piece on Ed Sheeran on my blog PassportBPM.


  2. No problem at all. Gah they don’t have my size. Right, I’m on a mission now lol.


  3. Before I forget...

    Thanks for reminding me of her talent. I have just bought her new album, its very sweet. I also follow Janet Devlin who also has a great album, which I have also bought.


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