Review: Her Best Shot


Title: Her Best Shot
Author: shannyn Shroeder
Published: 29th September 2014
Publisher: Kensington Books
Pages: Netgalley ebook

A hot tale of a Spring break, fun and unexpected love. Layla meets Phin in a bar after her car breaks down on her way to meet her friend in Texas for spring break. After spending several hours playing pool and getting on well, Phin offers Layla his sofa once he realises she has nowhere to stay since her car broke down and money was stolen from her bag. Both see this as a bit of fun with no strings, neither thought they’d fall for each other, how wrong they were. After spending several days together, both are surprised at how quickly their feelings for each other have developed and start to rethink their life’s path. When I read that Layla wanted to give up her college and new job for a guy she’d just met, and unexpectedly fell for, whilst stranded in Atlanta, my head was screaming “How irresponsible and spontaneous of her!” but my heart was saying,”Hey, yes it may be irresponsible and spontaneous but love does do funny things to people and is something you randomly stumble upon at the most unlikeliest of times rather than go out searching for. Some things are worth taking the risk for.”…. And then Phin gets scared and does something stupid which made me want to hit him with my Kindle! He thankfully realises his stupidity and realised that the “Everything he wanted” wasn’t everything he wanted after all. It was nothing without Layla by his side.

This was a hot and sexy read without being too graphic. The characters were likeable and I loved the banter that went on between Layla and Phin. I also liked that we got to learn a little about Phin’s gypsy heritage as that’s a culture I’ve always been interested in. I was a bit surprised at the ending. It was a little abrupt. I was expecting a little more. I wanted to know who won the pool tournament (Layla or Phin) and what happened next…did Phin plant his roots near Layla like he’d said? Did they eventually move in together?….Etc, etc. That being said, I really, really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series: “Her Perfect Game”.


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