Review: All These Things I’ve Done


Title: All These Things I’ve Done.
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Published: 26th March 2012
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
Pages: 368 pages

Wow I can not imagine living in the world Anya lives in. It’s crazy! It’s like being back in the 40s when food was rationed only it’s set some time in the future (2082) and it’s more extreme! Chocolate and caffeine are illegal for one! I mean, my god, can you imagine?? No chocolate? Whaaaa?! From a chocolate lover’s point of view it just doesn’t bare thinking about! And if you want to be a writer? You need a licence to do so! Oh and sending an email? You need a stamp for that. It’s like the world has gone mad! Actually, with the way our society is today? It wouldn’t surprise me if it headed that way too! That is probably why it’s one of my favourite dystopians; because it’s not too far from the truth and is believable. On top of all that, all Anya would like is for her and her family to be safe and to fall in love and be happy but unfortunately she unwillingly gets sucked into the family business making her life, and love life, more complex meaning she has to choose between love and her family. I felt so bad for her having to make such a decision but the ending of the book gives me hope.

I wasn’t sure about reading this to begin with because Anya is in a family which is part of the mafia so I was expecting it to be a little like The Sopranos or something, and it was but I really, really enjoyed it and, once I got to the end, wanted to read it again right away. Such a well thought out plot with twists here and there to keep you riveted to the very end. I love how she seems to have taken today’s society to a whole new level and put a spin on it. Bring on the sequel, “Because It Is My Blood” which is next on my to-read list.


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