Twiathlon! Will YOU be going?


Cinema tickets for the Twiathlon (where you get to watch ALL of the Twilight saga back-to-back including the eagerly awaited Breaking Dawn Part 2 which will be shown at midnight on the 15th November 2012) have gone on sale today. Who’s excited? Who’s going? I’ve already booked my tickets for the Twiathlon. I know, I know I could watch it in the comfort of my own home saving me some pennies and just go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 but eeek I just love the atmosphere at the cinema and the fact you’re watching it with fellow Twihards! My sister and I went last year. It was so much fun and are so psyched to be going again this year. We’re even dressing up for it. Yup! Though I can’t reveal what we’ll be wearing as these outfits will also be making an appearance at Eternal Twilight 8 (A UK twilight convention which, oh my god, is a week on Friday)! Let’s just say, I think the cinema staff may think we’re crazy when they see us!

If you’d like to book tickets for the Twiathlon, click on one of the links below:

Empire Cinemas



If anyone else knows of any other cinemas that are showing it, please feel free to comment.


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