The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale!! – Steph *SPOILERS*

*please note that the following post contains spoilers. Do not read this post if you are yet to watch the season finale, I’d hate to be the person to ruin it for you!*


I have just finished watching the season finale of The Vampire Diaries season 3 and ‘my oh my!’ what an ending it was!

I was left gobsmacked! Not just by the recent Rick/Originals fiasco but the capabilities of Matt! – That power to make a decision and go for it, no matter what Elena thought of it. Also, i am so happy that Elena has finally made her choice! *happy dance* – I am team Stelena (no hate please!). However i am doubtful that this decision will be permenant due to the fact that something that will stick with Elena forever happened at the end of the ep!

I am still slightly confused with the whole Tyler/Bonnie/Klaus plot. Did Bonnie know that Tyler was going to die anyway and just kept everyone else alive by making them switch bodies? Does that mean (in a way) that Klaus and Caroline are together now?

AND FINALLY THE BIG CLIFFHANGER…………………Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elena is reborn!!!! (for those who haven’t watched yet) as a vampire

I think this was AN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC ending…Congratulations on such an amazing series Julie Plec and the TVD cast! Can’t wait for Season 4!


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  1. Omg the finale was amazing ❤ One bit though that made me go, :O!!!! AWWWE OMG! Is when we find out that Damon actually met Elena first and he made her forget ): I bloody love Stefan and I'm team Stelena too but still, finding that out made me feel so sorry for Damon!


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