Physical Books vs E-Books

Just a quick post!

I converted to Kindle a while ago, not because I wanted to but because its easier for reviewing for the blog. I also have an iPhone and iPad so I kind of just got into the routine of reading on a device. I never found myself missing a real book as I got so used to ebooks. It’s just a lot easier than sitting in front of the mac reading on a screen as most of our review requests come in via email so it makes sense!

Anyways, on Saturday I bought a real book and oh my gosh its sooooo weird. I don’t dislike it yet I don’t like it! I have found out that I read faster on an e-reader, It’s a lot easier to make bookmarks or notes and its a lot easier to read in bed! I have been struggling to read this real book in bed and I can’t get comfortable, my bookmark keeps falling out and it makes my handbag rather heavy! The only down side is I can’t read in the bath as I am terrified I will drop my device in it like I always do with books!

So there it is – I am officially a fully converted e-book reader!!

Which do you prefer?


About Laus Life

I'm Lauren, in my twenties, words to desbribe me? A bit of everything! I love books, movies, sports, animals, travelling, music, rock stars, photography. I could go on and on. I like to write. I cannot write so I blog.

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  1. I have a kindle and LOVE the thing to pieces! But I also prefer an actual book – for the same reason – electrocution by kindle in a bubble bath sounds like a horrible way to go!
    Plus, I love to update facebook with ‘having a bubble bath with James Patterson. See you soon!’ ha ha!


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