Nuncio & The Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age – Review by Dayna.

“Nuncio is a romantic thriller based on the intense and passionate relationship between Ezra, a composer and the insightful and lustful gypsy girl Neci. This graphic novel series is narrated by the magical African Grey Parrot, Nuncio and takes place at the turn of the Century.

Neci, the young and willful gypsy, is willing to risk everything to fulfill her need to be with Ezra, the object of her affection. She feels a calling to protect Ezra from his love, Marlene, a beautiful pianist. We hear her mental wanderings and feel her pain as she struggles to make a place for herself in Ezra’s world. She feels no connection to girls her own age and Ezra struggles to resist her allure. This drama and romantic thriller is based on real people and real events that take place between 1912-1960. Ezra interacts with Orville Wright, Charles Kettering and Elbert Hubbard, celebrities from the day.”

Having been quite some years since I’ve read a graphic novel (I used to read Buffy The Vampire Slayer graphic novels) therefore rusty, I was surprised at how fast paced it was but then had to remind myself that it IS a graphic novel, usually considerably shorter than your average novel, so it’s bound to be fast paced. As the story unfolds, the characters personalities really shine through and the amazing artwork does the rest of the talking. I found Neci (the gypsy girl) to be quite an intense and passionate character who is very insightful and you really feel for her as she worries about Ezra, a composer who comes to stay amongst the gypsies to learn more about their lifestyle, throughout the novel. She has fallen for him hook, line and sinker. Ezra, however, is concerned about the age difference between he and Neci though and I get the impression his feelings for Neci aren’t as strong as hers. She has her sights set on him though and, throughout the story, is determined to win him over. Ezra decides to leave the gypsies and return back to the new world to pursue his music career and, on doing so, he meets Marlene, a talented pianist. Marlene is quite devious and conniving though she is also driven and wants to help Ezra further his music career. I came to really dislike her especially as it becomes clear that she chose to keep something incredibly important from Ezra which leads on to an explosive ending. I love that Nuncio – the parrot – narrated the story and occasionally the snake, Coil, too. I thought it was a great touch!

The artwork is quite simple yet could also show great detail at times. Quite unusual artwork for a graphic novel I thought. It is something that I would normally see in paintings. There is a close up of Nuncio at the end of the story that just says it all! That picture really does speak a thousand words. It made me feel so emotional when I saw it.

The only bad point I have to say about the graphic novel is that although I love the artwork, I wish it had been a little more detailed at times. There were just a few occasions when it’d take me a moment to figure out what was going on in the scene. That aside, it was a fantastic read. I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel.


I rate this 4/5.


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