Blog tour and review! Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl Kristin Alexandre and Tom Loepp

When Pavarti Tyler emailed us a while back and asked us if we were interested in reviewing a graphic novel we jumped at the chance as its something none of us has really thought about! I mean I know myself and some of the other girls own the Twilight graphic novels but I think that more of a collectors thing rather than something we enjoy reading – speaking for myself of course! Now this is a hard book to review for me, in particular – at Secret Lives we pride ourselves reviewing in a way that is simple and gets to the point as I for one read so many reviews that are too complicated, has tons of paragraphs with fancy words in that all boils down to whether to book was good or bad. So here is my review;

So here is the summary of what it is all about;

Intense, passionate, and thrilling—Nuncio is a romantic thriller series for anyone wanting a good read (or even perhaps a good television series). Come on this journey filled with drama and mystery. Nuncio is a romantic thriller based on the intense and passionate relationship between Ezra, a composer and the insightful and lustful gypsy girl Neci. This graphic novel series is narrated by the magical African Grey Parrot, Nuncio and takes place at the turn of the Century.

Neci, the young and willful gypsy, is willing to risk everything to fulfill her need to be with Ezra, the object of her affection. She feels a calling to protect Ezra from his love, Marlene, a beautiful pianist. We hear her mental wanderings and feel her pain as she struggles to make a place for herself in Ezra’s world. She feels no connection to girls her own age and Ezra struggles to resist her allure. This drama and romantic thriller is based on real people and real events that take place between 1912-1960. Ezra interacts with Orville Wright, Charles Kettering and Elbert Hubbard, celebrities from the day.

Check out the book trailer

After staring at the first page for over 10 minutes looking at the drawings I was quite excited to begin reading as I never read comics or anything when I was a child, so this was all new to me. I was worried that I just would not get this whole graphic novel business but I did! The drawings were fantastic and you could take everything needed from it. It didn’t take long to read at all, its brilliant for a a bit of light reading.

The story line was very easy to follow, it was interesting and had me asking questions to myself. It is full of love, symbolicalness of the animals (which I believe is strong to the Gypsy life style), jealousy, and a sense of darkness. I found as i carried on reading I was analyzing it a lot more, looking more at the pictures and being able to take what i wanted from it.

I actually couldn’t put this down, which really surprised me. I was enthralled by it! The plot was strong, full of emotion and it had me asking questions throughout! I felt every bit of emotion that Neci was possessing. I felt so sorry for her but towards the end I started to understand a bit more. Then bam! it was the end. In my mind and I was screaming NOOOOOO! Then I started to think about where the story would go next! I actually had no idea!! The illustrations were amazing! I mean they were messy in an artistic way, they showed love, romance, elegance and fear where appropriate.

So here is what I liked about the story in a few points,

  • It was exciting, light and enjoyable to read.
  • It has a good story line
  • I can imagine this happening and I would like to watch it happen
  • It is definitely re-readable
  • The illustrations were fantastic
  • It was entirely different to any other story line

Here is what I didn’t like about it;

  • It just wasn’t long enough! But I can imagine how much work would go into this novel.

And so here is my parting words;

A picture speaks a thousand words!

By Lauren


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  1. Hello Lauren and thank you for the super review. The next book is more exciting and I cannot wait to have you read and review it!


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