The Hunger Games Movie Review by Lauren

So if you follow us on Twitter you will have noticed I tweeted a lot the last few days about The Hunger Games. I was way too excited to see it mainly because I read the books a while ago and they are my favorite books ever! So this isn’t going to be a review as in the good, the bad and the ugly because there are no bad bits and lets face it there is no point in me writing an introduction to THG as I think if you don’t know what THG is then shame on you!

I vowed not to watch any trailers, clips etc because I sometimes feel they ruin the movie and because I know what happens anyways I wanted the movie to be a surprise. So I didn’t watch anything!! I went to the cinema to see Bel Ami with a friend and they played the trailer on all the screens and I panicked. I hid behind my magazine and closed my ears. I have to admit I did peak with one eye but I didn’t really see anything!

So I went to the previews last night with 2 friends. I was too excited – I ate my sweets before it even started!

I think I sat  with an open mouth throughout. From the start everything was as how I imagined and I mean everything. The scenery, the town, the clothes, the people, the whole thing. The one thing I did worry about is how the arena was going to be shown. As the book is quite descriptive, yet I can imagine everyone seeing something different in their heads, so I was a bit like hmmmm I want to see what they’ve done with it. They did the arena brilliantly, just how I imagined plus more.

The story kept the suspense, pity, humor, sadness and heartbreak true to the book. I read the series in 3 days and I never stopped crying so I knew I would be crying at the movie. Then a friend told me she cried 3 times at the premier screening and she never cries I was like OMG I am going to be distraught and yup I pretty much was distraught! I don’t really want to say anything specific incase you haven’t read the books because the one thing we hate is spoilers!

I do think the casting for this was perfect. I am Team Peeta and I was a tiny bit disappointed with Josh being cast to begin with, but I think whomever they cast I would have been disappointed because in my head Peeta was perfect. So over all I was very impressed with the cast. Cato surprised me too, I was hoping he would be the way he was portrayed at the very end!

So that is all I am going to say incase some of you are going to see it and haven’t read the book. However I have to say GO SEE IT YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Yes I am shouting at the whole world!


How many days until Catching Fire?



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