New Breaking Dawn Clip, Hillywood & NuttyMadam! -S

Wow! it has come to that point in the year when the next round of twilight saga madness begins!
3 exciting things have either happened or will happen this month in the twilight world.
1- On February the 1st the Hillywood Show released their Breaking Dawn parody – a must see for any twilight fan who likes a good giggle! I think this is the best parody they have done so far, they just get better and better! make sure to like The Hillywood Show on facebook and follow them on twitter @Hillywoodshow
Enjoy! don’t forget that the Hillywood Show are doing a reaction video competition! To enter, simply record a video of you watching the Breaking Dawn parody for the first time and post it as a video response!

2- New Breaking Dawn clip released! In the USA there were midnight release parties for the breaking dawn DVD release which came with a surprise new clip from Breaking Dawn part 2 feauturing the newly turned Bella and her o-so-loving husband, Edward. Squee!!

As always, as there is a new clip to watch, NuttyMadam was sure to post a reaction video! We all love Emma and her videos!!

3- and finally, ET7 (Eternal Twilight 7) is approaching fast as it is this weekend! From SLOFL Myself, Lauren and Kimi will be attending and we are VERY excited as some of our favourite cast members are attending! The guest line up so far is Myanna Buring (Tanya), Bronson Pelletier (Jared), Alex Meraz (Paul), Booboo Stewart (Seth) and Noel Fisher (Vladmir). Tickets are still available but you can only buy them online for another few days! The convention is held in Birmingham from the 17th-19th Feb. EXCITEMENT! Make sure you follow the blog on twitter @SLFictionLovers as we will be tweeting from the event!


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