The Lying Game – TV Show Review. Written by L

The TV Show – The Lying Game came from the book series by Sara Shepard. The story is about long lost twins Sutton and Emma who were separated at babies. Sutton was adopted by the Mercer family who reside in Phoenix where as Emma grew up in Vegas in foster care. The twins live very different lives until they are reunited and switch places while Sutton goes off as Emma to find their birth mother. This series is full of mystery, secrets and lies!

Sutton accuses Emma of stealing her life as she goes on an investigation trail to find out about their past as Sutton finds her self in many awkward positions. In the mean time Emma is pretending to be Sutton and keeping her life going whilst finding out some secrets of her own and stealing Sutton’s boyfriend Ethan ( Who i may add is undeniably gorgeous!) .

That is all I am going to say because the show hasn’t aired in the UK yet so a lot of our readers haven’t seen it yet and I don’t want to go and ruin it for you all! All I can say is this show is fantastic! So along with my other favorite American shows, The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars I am now obsessed with The Lying Game! Next I am going to investigate Switched at Birth as Lisa from Bound By Books has told me Blair Redford who plays Ethan is in it and I have to admit I am a teeny bit in love with this man!

Find out more about the show here

And….. here is the trailer!


Oh and whilst doing my research I found out a few facts! Alexandra Chando who plays the twins actually screen tested with Robert Pattinson to play to role of Ally in Remember Me! She also audition for Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries – Is it just me or does Alexandra strike an uncanny resemblance to Nina Dobrev? I’m glad she didn’t get either of them as playing Sutton/Emma is perfect for her!


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