‘First Light’ by Jean Rush review – S

‘First Light’ is an unauthorized sequel to the Twilight Saga.

The book is written in Renesmee’s point of view, which is great for the reader as Renesmee’s grown self character is not fully established in Breaking Dawn. The book is written in a very twilightesque style which makes it easier for a twilight fan, like me, to interpret.

To sum up the storyline quickly. The Cullen’s and Jacob have moved to Chugach to let Renesmee finish maturing so they are able to move to Calgary as the Cullen’s lack of ageing is becoming noticeable in Forks. In Chugach Renesmee begins to assume that Jacob doesn’t love her as he still sees her as a young 4 and a half year old girl (which she is, in human years).

The Cullens then soon receive a visit from Aro and a mysterious other, who is soon revealed to be his hybrid son. The son is named Ranon and he is half vampire, half human – like Renesmee. Ranon’s immortal power is that he can transfer his thoughts into other’s minds and on meeting Renesmee – imprints a series of intimate future images into her mind. At once Renesmee falls in love with the idea of being with Ranon and without telling her family or Jacob, leaves with Ranon and Aro back to Volterra.

However, in Volterra Renesmee learns that Ranon is not all he seems and the reason she was lured here by him was to be part of the Volturi’s experiment..the aim of which is to get Renesmee pregnant. She also learns that Ranon has lied about being a vegetarian as she walks in on him feeding off a woman and her son…She tries to escape, but this proves a challenge…

I wont give away the end….

So, i found this book VERY gripping, i continuously read it all the way through for about 3 hours. The characters that are new to the reader are well developed and there is no abandonment of the well loved twilight characters. The only absent Cullens are Rosalie and Emmett – who are described as headed to Europe on an extended honeymoon. I really enjoyed this book and found myself saying out load ‘No Renesmee! Don’t do it!’ It has lots of spontaneous twists and turns that were very unexpected! This is also a fan fiction that is VERY true to the previous books – paying attention to detail of all the things a twilight fan would want in a sequel book, such as Bella’s shielding power, Jasper’s back story and we learn some more on Esme’s back story! We also don’t miss out on Wolf Action, as there is a return of Seth and the future of the rest of the wolfpack is revealed! The thing i really liked, which was not explained until the end, was what Bella, Edward and Jacob agreed about the imprinting on Ness.

I would really encourage you to give this book a read, especially now it’s the big wait between the release of the Breaking Dawn part 2 film! The book is free on the iBook store – type in ‘twilight’, ‘first light’ etc.

Also, if you are into to post twilight fan fiction, bellasdiary.com is a personal favourite of mine! i would definitely recommend Jacob’s, Renesmee’s and Bella’s diary off there!

if i was to give ‘First Light’ a star rating – it would be * * * *

I would encourage you to read the author’s note at the beginning, just to be aware of the ending situation etc.


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  1. I don’t understand how she got away with publishing this. Isn’t that a violation of copyright? I know that ff.net and other sites get away with it because it’s free and there’s no harm intended, but to have it on ibooks seems like a step too far…

    I write fan fic and have been tempted to publish some of it, but it just feels wrong to me. Those characters belong to SM. What’s your take on that?


  2. It’s free fan fiction uploaded to smashwords.com. It hasn’t been published as such. I sent the link to little brown books when someone pirated my book and started selling it on amazon. It disappeared from sale soon after. I think fanfic is okay as long as it’s free. On SMs website she lists a bunch of fanfic sites and is on record saying she is ok with fanfic. Its off iTunes now anyway – I took it off myself for other reasons.


  3. im so glad someone came up with this idea of continueing the story,cause if know one didnt i would of myself,cant wait to read the rest of it. thanks jean rush


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