The Light of Asteria book tour and giveaway!

Today its our turn to introduce you to Elizabeth Issacs. We wanted to participate in this tour because the below excerpt really got me intrigued. I am half way through the book now and I’m loving it! Our reviews are coming very soon but for now here is everything you need to know about The Light of Asteria.

Book Excerpt from The Light of Asteria: Kailmeyra’s Last Hope (Kailmeyra #1) by Elizabeth Issacs

I took one last look around the beautiful campus and realized that this wasn’t the life I was destined to have. Trying to ignore the college students welcoming each other back, I quickened my step. All of these people were like Kate and Hol … I didn’t belong here … I really didn’t belong anywhere … I didn’t have a place of my own.

The Cataloochie Mountain was the official name of the place I called home, but it would always be Edna’s mountain to me. It was my sanctuary, my healing land, and I was thankful—even though my heart cried I didn’t belong there either. Sighing, I looked at the Appalachian range that stood against the afternoon sky. Fear that my father’s abandonment had somehow altered my destiny often brought sleepless nights. I broached the subject almost every fall; Edna’s answer was always the same. Patience, little one; to everything there is a season.

The ache that I had successfully repressed grew until it filled my entire chest. My feet picked up the pace again, and I focused on the ground. Today was not about me; it was about giving Kate and Hol a great send off. Leave them smiling. I would indulge in tears on the sad ride back to nowhere.

Suddenly, it felt like I hit a brick wall. Warm hands gripped my waist, keeping me from falling, and I realized I had run into a wall of a man. Trying to see through the tears, I shook my head as a gust of wind whipped the hair across my face. His broad shoulders didn’t seem as if they would fit through a doorframe. Our eyes locked. I had never seen more strange or beautiful eyes. They were like faceted emeralds, brilliant and pure. The ache spilled over to tears. He was like everything else here—too good for me. His incredibly green eyes flashed as his grip tightened. Unknown emotions swirled and screamed with a power that grew. The crown of my head became warm, cascading down my skull, heating the length of my spine.

“Wha…?” my question fell away as the inferno running down my back lashed out, coiling through me. A sheet of fire wrapped around my heart. I tried to make sense of it—for the first time, I truly felt … alive.

His gaze became vulnerable, confused. He whispered in a strange language, his voice questioning. A low hum vibrated the ground beneath my feet. The energy encasing my chest grew, and the campus washed round me in pure, radiant light. Hot, dry winds whipped and eddied, circling us like a tornado in the sun. My hands involuntarily found their way to his chest. His heart raced, his breath became ragged. As my heart found his tempo, the energy flaming through me exploded, flooding the campus in light.

The world came back in sharp relief. The crowd swarming the grounds milled about as if nothing had happened.

“I’m so sorry,” I muttered, taking a step back.

Sounds awesome huh? Here is where you can find everything you need to buy, win, read reviews and more!

Autographed softcovers can be purchased on the website

Want to win an Ecopy? Just comment on this post ‘Enter Me’. The contest will close on 31st January 2011.
Want to know more? Pop over to Michelle at Book Briefs for a review and giveaway! More chances to win!! Come back to us on the 16th and see our reviews!


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