The Ascended Blog Hop – Interview with author, Tiffany King and the character, Haniel!

It is day 20 of The Ascended Blog Hop and you are here! *imagines a big flashy “you are here” sign* Yup here at Secret Lives where today we have for you an interview with the lovely and talented author and friend, Tiffany King and character interview with Archangel and mentor, Haniel *cue swoon*!

Before we go to the interviews here is the blurb about The Ascended, the final installment of The Saving Angels Trilogy:

With Krista’s life in turmoil, she is now struggling with the responsibilities that have been passed down to her. With the help of Haniel and her friends, Krista risks everything, including her soul, to march into the den of the Dark Angel. Their only chance for survival is for Krista to find the courage to accept the new role that fate has bestowed upon her, even if it means losing her loved ones forever.

And now, without further a due, here are the interviews. Read, enjoy and, if you wish, leave us a comment! 🙂

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Tiffany King Interview:

1. Did you inject any personal experiences in to the series?

The love parts of course!!!!!!!!!

2. Are any of your characters and their relationships based on your friends/family?

The love between the Links is totally my hubby and me ❤

3. What inspired you to write?

Giving my daughter Ashley something to read that she would enjoy.

4. If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?

Working at a job I probably would hate.

5. Is there a song that reminds you of Krista and Mark?

Hahahaha I would have to go with Crazy for You by Madonna.

6. Do you have a song list for The Ascended?

LOL I have 3 I can think of:

1) Without You by David Guetta

2) Take My Breath Away by Berlin

3) Desperately by George Straight

7. If the series got turned in to films, any idea who you’d like to play the characters? May I suggest Daniel Cudmore for Haniel? At 6ft 8 he def has that height thing going for him plus he’s hot!

Woot woot I flip’n love Daniel Cudmore. I saw him last year in person and he’s frikin hot, hot, hot, hot. Hehehe okay you get my point.

8. Here at Secret Lives we love our Indie authors muchly. What has been the best book that you have read this year which has been released by an independent author?

Eeeep I have several!! I loved Released by Megan Duncan, The Childe by C.A. Kunz, The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines, Significance by Shelly Crane, & Blood Like Poison by M. Leighton.

9. There are just some songs that, no matter where I am (like on the bus to work for example lol), I just HAVE to dance to and I just look like a total lunatic. Do any songs get you like that?

Welllllllll I don’t dance but I will belt out a song in my froggy singing voice. Right now I’m that way with the song A Thousand Years.

10. Your own characters aside, which fictional character would you love to be real?

Hehehehe Harry Potter hands down. I could never imagine picking anyone else.

11. What horror movies scare you the most?

Eeeeeeeek movies like The Sixth Sense, Seven and Silence of the Lambs.

12. If you could go back in time and talk to your teenage self, what words of wisdom would you bestow upon her?

I would tell myself to keep believing oh and to maybe try writing Hehehe.

13. Speaking of going back in time, is there a period in time that you’d love to visit?

LOL if I was wealthy any time period would suit my purposes quite well. If I was poor I want no part of any time period hehehehe.

14. How would your perfect day be spent?

A day with my family with oodles of money for fun stuff.

15. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

LOL no way am I telling you that. I love you muches but don’t want you to know how kooky I really am.

16. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Ugh I once went out with this guy who thought he was all that and was hitting on every girl we met. I eventually married him (hehehehehe kidding I dumped that loser).

17. If there was a soundtrack to your life, what songs would be on it?

LOL you don’t have enough room for my list but you should know it is filled with love songs.

18. If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?

Eeeeeek I only want to switch if I could take my entire family with me.

19. The hubby aside, if you could take anyone famous on a date, who would it be?

Hahaha I pick Daniel Cudmore because like I said before he is super duper hot.

20. Ok seeing as it’s Christmas we thought we can’t let you go without asking a christmassy question or 2 so…What makes Christmas feel like Christmas to you? Any family traditions?

Eating baked goods not by me (I’m the worst cook ever) puts me in the Christmas mood. Our biggest family tradition is opening presents on Christmas Eve.

21. Which Christmas film do you just HAVE to watch at Christmas?

Christmas with the Kranks, The Santa Clause, & Christmas Vacation.

22. What are you hoping Santa will be bringing you this year?

Hahaha I already got it early: my iPhone 4.

23. Best Christmas gift ever?

My Kindle.

24. One thing that only Santa could give you?

LOL the opportunity to write full-time

25. *sniffles* Now that the trilogy has come to an end, what does the amazing Tiffany King have in store for us next?

I’m working on a YA contemporary romance novel as we speak.

Haniel interview:

1. Krista and Sam have been trying their best to, ermmm, humanise you. How do you think that’s going?

Their attempts have not been in vain. I do believe they have humanized me more than any other archangel.

2. Staying with that trail of thought for a second, have they got you watching tv and if so, what’s your favourite tv programme?

I have watched some television programs with Krista and Sam. It is not my favorite human pastime but programs that depict the past are at least tolerable.

3. Is there really a choir of angels?

There are angels that sing for The Light but they’re not short and fat like many earthly pictures portray.

4. Is Elvis really dead? (Lol)

He’s asked me not to tell. An odd request yet I will honor it.

5. If you could spend 24 hours as a human, would you?

Yes, I would like to feel the emotions humans claim they have no control over.

6. What would your weapon of choice in a mortal fight be?

Weapons are not necessary for archangels; our minds make us a force to be reckoned with.

7. If you could choose (and weren’t an angel), and it wasn’t down to gender, would you be a guide or a protector?

I would be a Protector. Protecting those you love is an honor like no other.

8. Those who have read Forgotten Souls are dying know: do you have a girlfriend if not, do you want one?? 😉

My entire being belongs to only one.

9. Do you envy the unique relationship that the links share with their partners/eachother?

Archangels do not feel envy but if we did then yes, I would envy the links the Guides and Protectors I watch over share.

10. Is it hard not to interfere when the links are in trouble?

My will to not interfere has only been tested two times in all the years I have walked on the earthly realm.

11. What do you get up to when you aren’t mentoring any of the links?

I am watching over those I once let down.

Thank you to both Tiffany and Haniel for taking the time out to answer our questions – No matter how silly or random they were. 😀

If you haven’t seen our previous blog post about the blog hop, here is a reminder of the giveaway that Tiffany is doing:

“1) Regular prizes (boring): Every 3 days, I will pull the names of people that have left comments on the previous 3 blogs and will do a random drawing for an ebook of one of The Saving Angels books. Over the course of the 25 day blog hop 8 ebooks will be given out.

2) Grand Prizes (woot woot): For every person that leaves a comment on one of the blogs they will be entered in to win a signed poster of one of my book covers. 3 posters in all will be given out (one of each of the book covers). I will also be giving away a signed set of all three books so you will have 4 different chances to win a grand prize. Extra entries will be given out for every blog you leave a comment on, so if you visit all 25 blogs you will have 25 entries into the grand prize drawing (eek).

Easy peasy right?? I can’t wait to see you guys at the different stops. I’m curious to see what you think of some of the stuff I have in store.”

If you would like to purchase The Ascended or the previous books in the series, here are the links:

Meant To Be

Forgotten Souls

The Ascended


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  1. Christmas Vaca is the best Christmas movie hands down!


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