The X Factor Final 2011 – All the Gossip and Drama! S

So, Tonight (sunday) is the final chapter of ‘The X Factor’ 2011! The long (and sometimes painful) weeks of auditions, boot camp, and lives shows has resulted in two acts making it the the End of the Final which has been spread out across the weekend. The Final, for the first time in X Factor history, has been broadcasted for the London Wembley Arena.

Last night 3 acts – Amelia Lily, Little Mix and Marcus Collins were reduced down to two, as Amelia Lily got booted out after the public vote was revealed – with her scoring the lowest amount of the public votes. However, ‘OK!’ magazine has posted online saying that Amelia has said that last night she was suffering from a sore throat that affected her performance.

So, Now, Marcus Collins and Little Mix remain. Tonight, they will each be performing their versions of the winners single (rumoured to be ‘Canonball’ by Damien Rice). The pair of acts have already recorded and filmed music videos, ready to be released tonight after the winner has been announced.

So, Who do you want to win?

As most people know – Unless you have been hiding under a rock the past few weeks! There has been a lot of drama within the series of X Factor – here are our top 5 X Factor Dramas!

5. Goldie Cheung Quits X Factor before the live finals!

This is Goldie’s first audition, and as you can see – she is a clear Tina Turner wannabe and it is easy to see that from Day 1 the X Factor was a struggle for Goldie. She was taken through to the live shows by Louis Walsh but before the first live show, Goldie released a statement with her reason for leaving the X Factor:

“The X Factor has been a fantastic experience and very challenging for me at times. I was very grateful to Louis for offering me a place in the final. However, I have decided to withdraw from the competition because I knew I would miss my family so much. I wish all the finalists the best of luck and look forward to watching them every week.”

She will always be remembered as a very eccentric act – being compared to other of Louis’ contestants such as Wagner and Jedward.

4. The First Live Show Elimination of 4 acts.

There was a surprised ‘twist’ for the first live show on the X Factor this year. The twist was that each mentor – Louis, Gary, Kelly and Tulisa would have to choose one of their acts to go home. The main Drama of this number 4 spot is when Kelly Rowland axed Amelia Lily. It caused huge controversy as after the live show, Amelia’s family went to the press, saying that the X Factor ruined Amelia’s life, causing speculation over whether the age limit of 16 to participate in the competition is old enough.

3. Kitty Brucknell gets a hug off Lady Gaga!

When the theme of a live show was announced to be Queen vs Lady Gaga – Kitty and Misha B were quick to choose the same song – ‘Born This Way’ the number 1 hit from Lady Gaga. However only one of the contestants could perform the song, and that person was Misha B. Kitty was devastated but delivered a powerful vocal of ‘Don’t Stop me Now’ – a classic from Queen. However, the public vote led to Kitty being booted out of the show that week, and when Dermot asked her if she wanted to say anything – she performed a 10 second rendition of ‘Born This Way’. Afterwards, on the Xtra Factor, Lady Gaga ran onstage to comfort a devastated Kitty (she had just performed her song ‘Marry the Night’ on the results show).

2.Amelia Lily’s Winners song leaked.

It was reported that a few days ago, Amelia Lily’s winners single was leaked online – causing speculation that the show may be rigged and that Amelia would win. However, X Factor representatives argued that the leak was down to a ‘technical glitch’ and the situation was quickly resolved. Amelia was later voted off by the public in the first part of the X Factor final this weekend.

1. Frankie Cocozza Axed from the show.

One of the most controversial dramas of this series of X Factor was when Frankie Cocozza was axed from the show for breaking a ‘golden rule’. From the start, Frankie was seen to be a ‘bad boy’ and was seen to be a bad role model for the younger viewers. In his first audition he revealed a tattoo of 7 girls’ names – on his BOTTOM! From then on he was seen to be a bad influence as he continuously hit the town, admitting that he only had a few hours sleep the night before a live show. There have been many rumours as to why he has been act – mainly revolving around alcohol and drug use. However, nothing is official. When Frankie left the show the public were allowed to vote in one of the four acts that were previously axed in the first live show. The person with the highest amount of votes was Amelia Lily, who delivered a powerful comeback performance.

Have i left anything out? let me know! Among the amazing performances the contestants have delivered there have been some amazing performances by well known artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber:

Other things that happened that i think are quite dramatic:

– Caroline Flack received death threats after she was spotted smooching Harry Styles (One Direction)

– JLS, One Direction and the Finalists team  up to do a charity single.

– The finalists didn’t sing with artists such as Rihanna and Robbie Williams but they sang with their mentors instead – good thing Louis didn’t have an act!


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