Eternal Twilight 6 Round-up!

Last Weekend all four of us – Lauren, Dayna, Kimi and Myself went to ‘Eternal Twilight 6’. This event was a twilight convention held in the Hilton Metropole near the NEC in Birmingham.

The Guests for the event were: Gil Birmingham – Billy Black, Chaske Spencer – Sam Uley, Charlie Bewley – Demetri, Toni Trucks – Mary (Breaking Dawn), Patrick Brennan – Liam (Breaking Dawn) and Justine Wachsberger – Gianna (New Moon).

At the convention there were also a number of Authors who came to promote their novels: Becca Fitzpatrick, L.A Weatherly,  Kate Harrison and  Marcus Sedgwick.

Overall the weekend was very enjoyable for all of us and EVEN BETTER – we managed to stock up on a load of new books!

Throughout the guest talks we learnt a lot about the upcoming ‘Breaking Dawn’ films including something that will hopefully be on the Breaking Dawn DVD!

Toni Trucks announced to the audience that the whole cast took part in a flash mob dance when the Cullens and their allies fight the Volturi. It apparently starts with Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) walking up to the Volturi and saying ‘I Think we can settle this…with a DANCE OFF!’ to which the Cullens perform a choreographed dance sequence to the Volturi. Afterwards Aro (Michael Sheen) simply looks like a gangster and the Volturi perform their routine. Toni stressed that Bill Condon, the director of Breaking Dawn did not know of the rehearsed dances and was completely shocked! But, after researching, i think Bill is keen to put the dance onto the bonus features of the Breaking Dawn DVD.

We also learnt that if Gil Birmingham was a flavour of ice cream he would be Rocky Road and that when Charlie Bewley feels down he plays ‘Prince Ali’ from Aladdin as he thinks it sounds like ‘Prince Charlie’. When asked what musical character they would love to perform, Toni Trucks responded with ‘Sweet Charity’ and Patrick Brennan answered with ‘Annie’ later changing it to ‘Miss Hanigan’. Another question asked was ‘What aspirations do you have for before you die?’ to which Charlie Bewley replied ‘Creating a Human catapult’ so he could fire himself into the sea as a way of dying if he became terminally ill. Toni Trucks responded by saying that she would like to start a restaurant called ‘Couch Potatoes’ where you can choose a chair to sit in and order their signature dish ‘Couch Potatoes’!…One of the funniest revelations was that Charlie Bewley would like a ‘tug toner’ for Christmas – which, if you’re wondering is a piece of exercising equipment. Throughout the weekend we also learnt of Guri Weinberg’s GFYS charity and once Toni Trucks explained the idea of it to us, the majority of the convention goers tweeted Noel Fisher and Guri Weinberg saying ”Toni Told us to tell you….GFYS!”

Toni Trucks and Patrick Brennan have made quite a positive impact on us, and from what we have seen – they are very grateful to be part of the twilight phenomenon and appreciate all the love they have received – even though we haven’t seen them in BD action yet!

Throughout the weekend we also met the lovely Becca Fitzpatrick who was kind enough to listen to us tell her about our blog!

So, to give you a taste of what the convention was like check out video’s made by JennyCullen100 on youtube and the infamous NUTTY MADAM – we love her!

On the saturday, Massive Events (the company that run the conventions) announced that as of now, the UK conventions are becoming OFFICIAL. This means they will have access to the whole cast and it will be easier for them to get bigger guests to their events! It also means that they are now able to possibly get props and costumes on display at the events!

for more information on the next convention visit: and click on Eternal Twilight 7!


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