Torchwood Miracle Day Review – Finale! S

Hey guys, Sorry i had to stop posting my reviews but i have been seriously busy lately sorting out stuff for school as this is my final year! Help!

Anyway if you are an avid torchwood fan like myself then you will know that the finale of Miracle Day aired in the UK last thursday night – and wasn’t it a fabulous ending..

To quickly sum up what happened in the last 4 weeks of the episodes we have learnt these following key points:

– The Miracle dates back to the beginning of time but was undiscovered

– It is down to Jack meeting a man names Angelo that the Miracle happened

– The Miracle is down to a morphic field that is controlled by 3 families

– there is one person in the CIA who is working for the families

– The miracle is a living thing

– the miracle can be found in Buenos Aires and Shanghai

– Gwen’s dad is going to die – either by the furnaces or by the miracle ending.

So in the FINAL episode the miracle either had to be solved or it would have escalated. We were left at the end of episode 9 with Rex and Esther in Buenos Aires and Jack and Gwen AND Oswald Danes in Shanghai at both ends of the miracle. In the finale they battle their way past security guards (J, G & O) and Rex and Esther get control of the Buenos Aires army as they have a secret weapon – Jack’s blood. Unfortunately another secret family worker is in the buenos aires army and blows up a army truck containing the case of the most important weapon – Jack’s blood. Rex and Esther continue and infiltrate the Buenos Aires miracle complex themselves – as Jack, Gwen and Oswald do. Once they get in and find the miralce they realise that they cannot end it without Jack’s blood being on either side (in Buenos Aires and Shanghai)……..HOWEVER Rex and Esther save the day….

When they arrived in Buenos Aires they knew the blood would be at risk (to stop the miracle the blessing needs to be fed mortal blood from either side to create a morphic field which will make the human race mortal again). In order to protect the blood they transfused it into Rex’s body. So, now they have the blood on each side of the world they can effectively end the miracle, but, the family tries to stop Rex from killing himself by creating a diversion – Shooting Esther in the chest. Now Rex has a terrible decision to make – does he save his very close friend by not ending the miracle – or, does he continue to end the Miracle to stop anything like this from happening again. He looks to Gwen and Jack for help. Gwen, who is determined to stop the miracle for the sake of her father orders Rex to continue for the plan and decides that jack should not be a suicide and offers to shoot him through the back (in the kindest way possible!). So, ready to go, Gwen shoots Jack and Rex uncovers his wound from the beginning of the series and the blood from their whole body gushes towards the blessing. As the Miracle ends the whole of the two complexes either sides of the world begin to crumble and fall..Gwen begins to escape and Oswald is ready to be a suicide bomber in the complex to kill the family member and to avoid a slow death BUT Jack suddenly becomes immortal again and comes back to life! Now Gwen battles Gilly for control of the lift and quickly helps Jack to escape before Oswald detonates. Back in Buenos Aires Rex and Esther – both on the brink of death get rescued by the real and true to the CIA Buenos Aires army who then take them to hospital.

Unfortunatley one of my most loved favourite characters, Esther, dies and Rex, Gwen, Jack and (Emma? – the betraying CIA member) attend her funeral when Rex receives a message saying that (Emma) was the betrayer. In a race to kill her before the family try and recreate the miracle, he tries to shoot her, but she is too quick and shoots him first….


or not, he suddenly comes back to life – so is he immortal??

Meanwhile Gilly meets again with the family  member who sent her to Shanghai and offers her to help start with the ”plan b”….and this is where the season finished.

This series has been really tense, exciting, infuriating, heart wrenching but most of all – unpredictable – who knew the blessing was one of the most terrestrial things on the planet? Although, as we have seen from all of your previous comments that you think that teaming with Starz has potentially ruined what we liked about Torchwood – i think it made a great comeback towards the end.

Constructive Criticism – maybe make the series a bit shorter so it flows better?

I think I can safely say on behalf of the majority of you, that i would like the next series of Torchwood to be chiefly set back here in the UK with the old Torchwood hub in Cardiff. Again, as always, Russel has created another epic triumph with these scripts that have been very unpredictable!

looking forward to the next season!

I would like to thank everybody who has been reading my reviews – i would love it if you could comment below what you though of the finale and whether you think that it did the series justice. Also, share this on twitter, facebook tumblr etc as it would really help SLOFL

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