Christina Grimmie: Randomness IS GOOD!

Christina Grimmie – proving that auto-tuning is cool..but for fun.

Christina Grimmie, otherwise known on youtube as Zeldaxlove64 is a up and coming artist that is an internet sensation. She has already been interview by MTV AND has supported Selena Gomez on her summer tour. She is not just known for her outstanding singing..BUT also for her crazy and wonderful personality! As she had not been posting videos lately..she created her 4th ”Above all that is random” which manipulates the use of auto-tuning which she thinks is good, if you use it for fun and not professionally. For this crazy video she teamed up with her friend Sarah to produce THIS catchy and funny song which was compiled by random phrases that were submitted by her fans – otherwise known as ”Team Grimmie”

video taken from zeldaxlove64’s channel.

Christina has an album available on iTunes with a song that is doing really well on radio disney titled ”Advice”

Christina is also currently in a coke competition where she could be in with the chance to record a song with Taio Cruz, so, if you think she is great – like i do! go and like all the things on THIS page to help her win!

Check out Christina’s facebook where she will update you on all things Grimmie! : “like” Christina Grimmie

Follow her on twitter: @TheRealGrimmie

Also: comment below on who YOUR favourite web sensation is!

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