Immortal Beloved Review By Dayna

Immortal Beloved – Katie M. John.


As Mina Singer tries to piece together her broken heart, Blake’s adventure in Egypt places his in serious peril.

As ancient and terrifying Egyptian rituals are resurrected by the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, Blake embarks on the most horrifying quest yet – one which no other mortal has ever survived.

This time, the damsel must rescue her knight in a terrifying race against death.

Immortal Beloved, book 2 in The Knight Trilogy series, is the sequel to The Forest of Adventures .

************The Forest of Adventures Spoiler Alert************

The way Mina is handling Blake’s departure is just heartbreaking. I think we’ve all been there to some extent and can empathise with the pain she is going through. Since Blake left, Mina’s Uncle Josef has been the shoulder she can cry on, the one who will wade through the misery right along side her because he too knows what it feels like to be heartbroken. Delta on the other hand is like a rock to Mina and will hold her up and keep her afloat and make her do those normal mundane things when all she wants to do is drown in her misery and with the help of both Delta and Josef and also the added help of Daisy (I was glad to see her and Mina trying to work things out), they attempt to get Mina back to a little normalcy. Mina is just going through the motions though. Little do they no the inner turmoil she suffers.

Just when she’s given up, The Realm comes back in to her life and she is informed that Blake is in danger and only she can save him. Mina, along with her friends, Delta and Sam, must go on a perilous journey to Egypt to save Blake and bring him home. A journey that will change them all forever.

It’s nice to be back in this magical story. Ohhh I love the whole Ancient Egypt-ness! That and Greek mythology were one of my favourite things to learn about in school! On reading Immortal Beloved, I got all excited at the mythology of Ancient Egypt coming to life and actually seen as being true in the world of The Knight Trilogy. I’ve always found it so interesting and magical – captivating – and Katie’s telling of it didn’t disappoint. I got so lost in the story and felt like I was right there with Blake. Speaking of Blake, I love that the book is written in first person from Mina’s POV and in third person from Blake’s. I love reading a story from both sides of the coin.

Katie takes you on twists and turns that find you mistrusting those you thought you could trust and trusting those you probably shouldn’t. I still have my suspicions about one particular character and I think Mina’s trust in him is the reason behind what happened to her.

There is an interesting twist that is appearing between Delta and Mina. You get a glimpse of this near the beginning of the story. Delta is definitely one of my favourite characters. She’s not the toughnut she makes herself out to be. Love her! As someone who hasn’t flown before, remind me not to get on a plane with Delta! She’s so mean lol! Delta has me in stitches! She’s so mean to Sam ha ha ha! I love the witty banter that goes on between them 2. I would love to have seen what went on in that car with Delta and Sam. Lol! Saying that, it didn’t really need much explaining. Ha ha ha. Delta and Sam have a love/hate relationship (or maybe hate/hate is more apt) at the beginning but it really develops through out the story. Although you could kind of see it coming.

The character, Florin makes a very brief appearance in Immortal Beloved but although brief, he makes quite an impact on the reader. I’m thinking he will most definitely be making a re-appearance in the next book. There’s just something….suspect about him – more than meets the eye with that one. He’s definitely not just some hot French teaching assistant I’m sure of it. Ms. Minerva the librarian has cropped up in the story a couple times. I’m wondering if she’ll feature more in the next book. It was her surname that got me wondering. Hmmm…

And :-O at the ending. I can’t believe it ended there! A perfect way to end book 2 though. What a cliffhanger! After reading that, the preface makes sooo much sense. A whimpering noise escaped me the second time I read it. I absolutely loved this book. An amazing and captivating read that drew me in from the very beginning. I wasn’t sure if combining both The Realm and Ancient Egypt mythology would work but somehow it does although I do miss the focus being on The Realm. I’m hoping there’ll be more focus on it in book 3. Can not wait to find out what happens!

#TeamBlake forever!

I rate this book 5/5

You can buy Immortal Beloved at Amazon UK or Amazon US and I’m sure it will be available in other countries too. 🙂

NB: This was an ARC kindly given to us by the author.


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