One Directions New Summer Tune!

One Direction fans…or shall i say all female teachers of the United Kingdom and perhaps other countries…THE WAIT IS OVER! One Direction has released their new music video for ”What Makes You Beautiful” and i have to say..i think it is going to be a MEGA summer tune! I am not a particular fan of theirs but for X-Factor runners up this song is pretty good! definitely beats Cher Lloyd (just my opinion!).

So, wait no more – here it is!

this video is (C) 2011 Simco limited under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.

comment below who your favourite 1d member is!? 


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  1. Hey guys, sorry about you not being able to watch the video on the site…you just need to click the link saying ”watch on youtube”….i will update the post when it has been released on the One Direction channel! happy watching and/or swooning! Steph x


  2. i love all of the one direction boys but its got to be said harry is my favourite, he has been since day one! he is a big insperation to me. he is an amazing singer and i hope to do as well as he is doing.
    all ii think about it singing and one direction(harry), i would do anything in the world to meet him and he could teach me how to build up confidence in my singing and preformances:)
    i dont mean to sound like a stalker or anything but ive watched every single one of one directions live shows and weekly video diaries on you tube and ii never get bored of them.
    on xfactor i voted for them every week about 5 times and im gutted they didnt win but they didnt need to cause i had the courage in them that they were gonna go far in the music buisness by winning or not!
    i love harry styles and i love one direction<3<3<3


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