Torchwood: Miracle Day Review – Steph


So, we are now half way through the series and i found this episode SHOCKING.

The majority of the episode was set in two overflow camps – the south Wales and California camp. In the camps the patients are catagorized. Category 1 = dead Category 2= injured and concious and Category 3 = normal people. In the overflow camps the category 1 people are sent to a place called ”The Module” which is hidden from the public eye. Torchwood want’s to find out what is in the module. To do this, Rex – who is already recovering from a severe wound from a car crash, pretends to suffer a category 2.

Gwen however, has gone back to Wales to try and get her father out of the South Wales concentration camp as he suffered a heart attack earlier in the series. To get inside the camp to save her father she poses as a night nurse called nurse Pallister.

Back in California Rex is coded as a category 2 by a blue peg, but swaps to red (category 1) so he can get into the module – Esther helps him as she becomes a worker within the overflow camp. Dr Vera has also joined Torchwood and poses as a camp inspector to also try and get access to the Module.

Rex finds the module first and records it as being like a fridge with ceramic walls. He then leaves the module and realises that the size of the module will never be able to meet the demand of the ”dead” bodies. Vera on the other hand isn’t so lucky and finds the way the camp is treating the patients disgusting and threatens the owner of the camp that he will be prosecuted for the bad care of the patients. However she gets shot….twice making her near to unconscious and the owner of the camp dumps her in the module and locks them up…and this is where we find out what the module really is. Rex watches the module helplessly as he sees Vera being burnt the module aka an oven.

Gwen also realises what the module is when Reece delivers some patients to the burns ward. She is horrified and calls the whole overflow camp a concentration camp (which i totally agree with). Also, whilst trying to save her dad, her father suffers another heart attack and is made a category one..dum dum dum….

Now to what i thought.

I thought this episode really was the best yet! although i found it harrowing and quite shocking when we realise the module was (you will know this if you saw my tweets on saturday!) i thought it was very exciting and at many points left you on the edge of your sofa biting your nails! i also found the scene when Jack told the paramedics that Rex was his ex lover quite funny! GOOD JOB BBC/AMERICA!? IT WAS A GREAT EPISODE AND VERY ENJOYABLE! i have to say though – it looks like everyone is going to ”die” in the next episode 😦

here is a clip from the next episode!

clip belongs to the BBC not SLOFL


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