The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices Convention.

Being a fan of both of Cassandra Clare’s 2 series, I (Dayna) frequent the google group for them quite often. Just recently there has been talk about how awesome it would be to have a TMI/ID con. Where? You might ask. Well, in the home of TMI itself, New York of course! Thanks to Mina and Eileen, this may well be possible. I personally think this is an absolutely amazing idea -it even has the backing of Cassie herself- and if I can help in some way and/or can get myself to New York then I am SO there. After fans discussing it during the YA Crush Tourney thread, a new thread was set up specially for it and here’s the post about it:

“Hello Everyone,

I’ve been talking with Mina Blak, and we came up with a crazy idea for
starting a convention for all people who are interested in Cassandra
Clare’s TMI/ID Universe. We were thinking of holding it in New York
City sometime next year, hopefully around the time that City of Lost
Souls is being published.

We’d like to see how many people would be legitimately interested in
an endeavor like this. We’d like to know if you’re interested in
attending, organizing, or anything of the sort. Any feedback is
really appreciated, since if we were to actually come up with
something, we’d have to start working very soon.

I currently live in Wisconsin, USA. This means that organizing
something on the East Coast wouldn’t be the easiest thing for me, but
I’d be willing to try if there’s enough expressed interest in
something like this.

I’m asking everyone to make this go viral. Post something about this
on your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and anywhere else you can think to
see what kind of feedback we could get.

If you’re interested in getting a hold of me personally, here’s my
contact information. Please no spam, just legitimate questions and
feedback only, and put something in the subject line about
“convention” here:!/thewisepenseuse

Thank you
~Eileen Kelm”

So….what do you guys think?? Since that post there has been talk about maybe having it around the release of the City of Bones movie (how would it be if it coincided with the movie?!?!) or maybe for the release of the last book, City of Heavenly Fire. I think to have it then would be the perfect way to say good bye and fairwell to such an amazing series. There are bound to be some tears shed.

So, what I’d like you to do is help us TMI/ID fans spread the word. Post about it anywhere you can, tell all your friend’s. Let’s get this news going global. We need as much interest as possible to make this awesome event really happen for reals.

If you have experience in organizing events/conventions (or even if you don’t but may have a brilliant idea) please put your suggestions forward on how we could raise the funds for such an event as this. My own suggestion would be to see if any organisations would be willing to sponsor the event (maybe even Simon & Schuster would be interested)? Or even a fan or 2 who could contribute “x” amount of money towards funds (a bit like a producer of a movie I suppose) where they would then earn a percentage of the profits if the convention is successful? Just an idea or 2 there.



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  1. What a great idea! I think it’s an event that could attract international fans, as well. I would love to help in any way. I’m going to post about this on


    • I’m from the UK and if I can save up the pennies and find someone to go with (I’ve never flown before so that’ll be interesting) then I am totally there! I’ve always wanted to go to NYC too. I’m hoping and praying that we can all drum up enough interest for this. If we can, it’s gonna be so amazing!

      That is fab that you’re gonna post about it on TMIsource! I know how popular you guys are so you’ll seriously reign in a truck load of interest from fans.


  2. Sounds cool. But there’s no way I could make it to New York.


    • KristinaLovesYA

      I am a huge fan of both of the series, but I’m from Iowa. ): Maybe if I save up everything I have, I’d be able to make it, I’d really love to. I will be so sad if I can’t make it! It’s a really great idea though, because I know plenty of people who would pack up and fly there in about two seconds if they heard about a TMI/ID con. (:


  3. Why does NYC have to be so far away from Utah? I would totally go without a second thought if I had the money and another person to accompany me… dang it!!!


  4. Thank you for reposting this! We’re still just talking about having some kind of get together, so nothing official has happened. Once anything more concrete happens, we’ll be sure to let everyone know!


  5. Omigod. A TMI con would be AMAZING. I would gladly make the trip to New York if this happens. 😀


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