Torchwood: Miracle Day Review – Steph.


This episode continued well from last weeks and it also continued to have suspense and exciting moments. This episode moved from New York to Los Angeles, Venice to be precise. Here Torchwood would come to another headquarters of Pficor where they can hack into their database system and possibly find out what Pficor is doing. However, Pficor is finding out more about Torchwood and it tracking them down.

*Here is the part where i got confused….so, can someone please tell me? if the man in the black suit worked for Pficor, why was he trying to hack into the computer system aswell?

In this episode there is a new theory about the miracle and how the humans should live with it, it is called, ”Dead is Dead”. This ”scheme” means that people who should be dead are moved into a separate area and left to die. However, Oswald Danes is ”against this” and says to the patients ”Life is Life” and he is determined to feed and look after the people who should be dead. However Oswalds situation can be looked at he just doing this to get back in the spotlight? after all, he was forgotten when the ”Dead is Dead” scheme got introduced.

This episode was very exciting and fulled with the traditional Torchwood gore. A scene that really had me hiding behind the sofa was when the creator of the Pficor software got his eye and hand cut off. Another gory one which again had me cringing was when the ”Dead is Dead” creator got crushed in her car by the Pficor runners. In this episode we also learnt more about Rex a which and his situation with his family i found quite aggravating.

Anyhow, i found this episode one of the most tense yet. Hopefully the next will be just as exciting!

Sorry that this is such a short review, bit short on time at the moment!

Stay tuned for the next review after episode 5!

here is the trailer for episode 5:

*clip belongs to BBC, NOT SLOFL


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